Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios 2009

So another year gone and the end of a decade. 10 years ago tonight I was living in Denver and working at Palomino's Rest. I was mad that I had to work on Y2K because I wanted to be in KC partying with my friends. Seems silly now considering it's almost midnight and here I sit alone on a computer and I'm completely happy about it. All the pressure of having 'fun' on New Years gone with sobriety. What a decade it has been too. I've lived in Denver, Tulsa and Independence. I've worked as a waitress, retail, nanny, hairstylist, graphic artist, student, envelope stuffer,  transcriptionist & a caregiver. I've seen terriorism, war, and natural disasters beyond belief. I've buried my mother. I've escaped an abusive boyfriend and been accused of abuse myself. I've overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. I've traveled to Dallas, Austin, KC, Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa County, Las Vegas & LA.  I've found a piece of serenity and my own soul. I've made a spiritual connection with a higher power. I've rediscovered my passion for reading and creating. I've made long lasting friends both in person and thru the World Wide Web. It's been a busy 10 years! I suddenly feel a little amazed at all that it has held.
I'm really looking forward to 2010. I've got tons of things on my todo list. Mostly creative endeavors. I'm taking an inspiration class at Big Picture Scrapbooking with some friends from Twitter. I'm going to hang an Erosion Bundle outside and document it's changes for the next 4 months. I'm a guest host at A Year In The Life Art Journal. I'm on the Scraptivity,  Scrapperie, & Gutter Girlz DT's. I'm going to take a doll making class with another scrappy gf. I plan to visit Dallas & Kentucky & Austin & Sacramento/San Francisco/Napa again. I haven't really decided yet on any resolutions yet. I'll get back to you on those in a few days. In the meantime here are 10 of my fav. lo's from this past year. Wherever you are I hope your having a WONDERFUL New Year's celebration. May 2010 be everything you've hoped and wished for!

Mobile blogging

I'm trying out mobile blogging. I tried w a text message w photos but I don't think it's working so I'll try the email way. I can't figure put how to attach pics however I know there is a way. More research must be done!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

It's a wishful Wednesday because I've been thinking a lot about Christmas Wishes. What are you wishing for this Christmas? I could think of many things that I'd like but what I really need is a new computer so I asked for cold hard $$$! lol I'd love a MAC book pro but I don't think Santa is going to put one of those under my tree. I'll be happy with what he brings, especially if it is remotely faster than this dinosaur.

Here's some more recent lo's. I've been busy with Thanksgiving and working on a mini album for a gift so I haven't done much else. My mojo has been on vacation I guess. I'm hoping the holiday season and the cooler weather sparks that up again. I've got several projects to get finished before the holidays too.

If you are a card maker, or even if you aren't, Tallyscrappers is having a card crop this weekend and you should stop buy to do some card challenges and play some games. You know you need a break from all that Christmas planning!

So this first lo was my challenge that I issued for Survivor a few weeks ago. I asked for a light background, a BW photo, a tree, a bird, and clouds. It was inspired by the things you would see on the beach.
The next 2 were my remaining lo's I did with the November kit at Tallyscrappers.
The 2 after that are some pics of me from my October 2008 trip to San Francisco and the final 2 lo's are from my trip to Austin this summer.

That's it for now. Hope you all find time to enjoy the holiday season amiss the hustle and bustle.