Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3 Babies and a Wedding

So it was a BUSY weekend! My friend Marcee got married on Saturday. I did the makeup for the wedding and they all looked beautiful if I say so myself ;) Then on Sunday 4 of us threw a baby shower for 3 of our scrappy girlfriends. Fun Times!

So the wedding was beautiful. Simple and elegant and Marcee was beaming all day long. I swear her face had to hurt the next day she was smiling for so long. lol They had a dinner after the ceremony and the scrappy girls and I had some fun converstation. We'll leave that at that! hehe.

Sunday was the shower. 2 mommies already had their baby girls so there was much cooing going on along with eating and scrapping. We each did a scrap page for their baby books. I actually got all 3 done! A-Maz-ing! I don't have any pictures yet though. Someone else took some for me though. This no camera thing really sucks! Cooper is still in the oven for a bit longer but we all can't wait to meet him.

I spent last Friday night's crop making these cards. Not to bad for someone that isn't much of a card maker. So hard to make them and then give them away! I know, I'm silly. :P

Marcee's wedding card:

Cooper's Invite:

Callie Anne & Jade's Invite looked like this:

So, I think that is about it. Happy Easter to everyone! Hope the Easter Bunny brings you LOTS of Chocolate!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


WOO HOO!!! I'm back online. My computer was sick and it had to go to the doctor for a WEEK! Let me just tell you that I had NO IDEA how dependent on this machine I have become. Ok, that's a little exageration. I spend way to much time surfing the net and I know it but this machine is also my communication with the outside world and my little corner of Kansas too. I have so many things to get caught up on now that Mr. Computer is back in my arms ;) I also have a cute LO to post but it will have to wait a bit. Need to get all my stuff back to the way I like it first then I will scan. Think I might go work on finishing up some LO's that I started last night first. Glad to be back in the virtual world. Catch ya' later! BTW, if Ivan post any comments on YOUR blog ~ DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!