Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everyday Adventures

You KNOW you want them. Just go ahead and admit it. Flower POWER! No these are not the latest fashion trend in summer eyewear UNLESS you are taking Everyday Adventures over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. These are my Goggles of Enhanced Perception. The class is based on the "How To Be An Explorer of The World" by Keri Smith. We also had to make a field journal to write down our observations. Here's a couple of other pics of my glasses too:
 I'm already having lots of fun with this class and I'll show you some of our 'adventures' in a couple of days.
I've also been trying to catch up on some art journaling prompts from both Your Life Spelled Out and A Year In The Life art journal sites.

My Voice


I Am Not Afraid

And also here is this weeks Scrapperie Book of Me prompt: Pet Peeves or #PunchInTheFace. My friend Laura (Cameron_Crazy) was ticked about something one day and started the hashtag of #punchintheface. Well it's caught on with our little group when someone ticks us off or there's a situation we don't like we give it a virtual punch. 
 Ok that's it for the week. I've been a crafty busy girl! And lots more to do this week with birthday presents to make and kits to design with and art journal prompts to host & National Scrapbook Day next weekend. So go get your craft on!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day of Rememberance

15 years ago today I stood in Pepper's Grill at Utica Square in Tulsa, Ok prepping for the lunch rush as I watched terror unfold a short 2 hours away. I will never forget this day. At the time I'd never seen such events unfold on American soil & it was definitely the closes I've ever been to it. That was a Wednesday & the following Sunday morning of the early hours I stood a few blocks away from the destruction and the smell of death. I don't think I'd ever given much thought to a word that is now a regular part of our vocabulary: terrorism. Alison was teaching in Indonesia at the time and I was in my second semester of school at the University of Tulsa and life was all about fun & partying and having a good time. Not about bombings & fugitives & violence against our own. I know people who volunteered down there although I know no one who died that day. I hope to make it thru OKC before I move west in order to see the beautiful memorial built in the victims honor. My heart still goes out to those that lost loved ones and those affected by this awful day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm the Taxman

Ok I'm not REALLY the taxman but since it's tax day in the great US of A I've had that song in my head ALL DAY so I'd thought I'd share it with you! lol Are you singing it now too? You will be soon. Just wait.  It's also Gutter Girlz day and Erosion Bundle day so I've got some pics for you.

First of all though I want to talk about this great post over at Creative Every Day's blog by Kat Sloma.  CED's theme for the month is on the senses so Kat asked these questions of the readers today and I wanted to answer them here as they are questions I've pondered upon occasion myself.

1. What's your favorite sense? By this question, I don't mean the most useful sense to get around in day to day life. But the one that you feel like in your gut that you just can't live without. This probably ties in to your "soul language."  

This is pretty easy for me because it would have to be sight. Being an aritst and happiest when creating my sight is definitely important to me. Also I love to read & can't imagine not being able to. A close second for me would be touch. I'm the bad girl at the museum who wants to touch the art.

2. What's your least favorite sense? What's the one you would give up without thinking too much about it? Why?

I think the answer to this question would have to be smell. My allergies are awful and already cause me some smell issues so while smell is so linked to memories if I never had to smell anything stinky again I'd be happy. lol

Ok that being said I wouldn't want to lose any sense. The senses are what makes our world interesting & I know with the loss of one the others become more distinct.  I'd love to hear your answers to this question so leave me a link if you answer them on your blog or feel free to leave me a comment with your answers!   

This months Gutter Girlz challenge is based on one of my old fav songs from Concrete Blonde, Everybody Knows. This song brings back so many memories for me. The title also had some significant meaning as it goes along with some things in the big book. Hop on over there & check out what the other girls did.

Today is also the day to take down the Erosion Bundles but since I put mine up late I'm leaving it up a little longer. I'll take it down around the first of May but I snapped a couple of updates shots of it. I almost hate to take it out of this lovely ivy that is growing all around it doing lovely things to the inside contents I'm sure!

It's suppose to rain this weekend so it'll get at least one more good soaking. Hope you're enjoying the spring weather!

A Scrappy Design Giveaway

Feeling a little Tutti Frutti around here. I created a couple layouts, a card and a cute summer banner with the Tutti Frutti collections from A Scrappy Design Etsy shop:

It's giveaway time at A Scrappy Design! 

One lucky winner will receive an assortment of goodies from the Tutti Fruiti collection. You have 3 ways to enter:
1. Comment on the post on A Scrappy Design blog. (1 entry)
2. Become a fan on Facebook (1 entry)
3. Make a purchase from The Shop. (2 entries – Be sure to put FRUIT in the Message to Seller)

*Edited* Winner will be announced on Friday!

Be sure to check out the Flickr group for more ideas from the DTeam lovies!
So hurry up & go register for some goodies & then show us what you make!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 2 Photos

I've been a picture taking fool lately! I'm even using it to get myself out of the house & WALKING! This in itself is a small miracle. The weather has been really lovely lately & flowers are blooming & birds are chirping & the sun is shining & the wind has settle down to a little breeze finally. I promised myself I'd start walking today for exercise & the taking of pictures made that much more enjoyable.
What I love about these kinds of classes is they start me looking at the world a little different than before. I've long looked at things as that would make a great photo and now I'm actually being the one to take those photos. Even it is with my cheapo point & shoot camera. So here is this past weeks assignments. I'll share some more photos later this week as I edit them. Yeah, all those photos need to be EDITED. UGH!  :)


Chores (the glass in the cabinet where the glasses go)

Catching Light
And that's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some scrappy goodness from A Scrappy Design.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Picture Spring

Spring is officially here in the land of the Yellow Brick Road. Not only can I see the clues but I also have the allergies to prove it. And the AC is on. I'd open the windows but they are painted shut. I'm involved in a Picture-A-Day project with some of my Twitter girlfriends thru BPS called Picture Spring. I thought I'd share those pics with you today.

First day topic was Beginnings. I took this lovely pic of the Forsythia outside Nana's house:

I also liked this pic in the ivy
 Day 2 was about our morning routine. I'm not human until I have my coffee!
Day 3 was to take 30 steps from where your camera is and take a pic. That's the end of the walk for me and it was either my car (very dirty car) or this light post:
It's been lighting my way into this house late at night for years. When I was editing pics I saw the solar choice & thought this looked cool in solar

 Sky's the Limit was Day 4. Our sky yesterday was free & clear of any clouds BUT it hadn't been on Friday and I had taken some pics.
 I think these look cool in solar too. Look how stormy it makes the sky!

Getting Grounded was today's assignment & I had a lot of fun with this and took several pics and now I'm having trouble choosing just ONE so help me out and leave me a comment on which is YOUR fav of the below pics.

Ok that's all of them. Help me pic the best one. I have 3 favorites but I won't tell you which ones they are.