Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greetings from Cranky Pants.

So I've been cranky and bored today. I think my problem is that I finished "New Moon" last night and I don't have the third one yet. Brook is still reading it. I told her to call me when she finished it and I would drive over and pick it up! lol I've decided I can just wait until she comes to Independence next Saturday. It is a 45 minute drive with gas at almost $4 a gallon. It's the end of the month also. So I'm missing the story. I did finish watching the second season of 'Weeds' tonight. I need to do some scrapping but I just wasn't in the mood tonight. Tomorrow.

In honor of tomorrow's Memorial Day I went to the cemetary and put flowers on my families graves. I actually wanted to post a picture but still no camera. Soon, VERY soon. I'm sure that added to my mood as I miss my sister and my mommy. My Papa and father are also buried there. I think the the whole putting-flowers-on-the-grave thing is a bit strange but I know it is for the living, not the deceased. Personally, I don't want to ever be buried. I don't want someone feeling obligated to put flowers on my grave at holidays so that others will know we were loved. I'd rather remember fun times than have to go to the cemetary. But that is my oh-so-not-important humble opinion and I know Nana was happy that I had gone.

I entered a Tinkering Ink contest today. You were suppose to use something truly vintage on your layout. I think this picture of my mom is pretty vintage. I'm guessing she is 8 years old in the picture and that it was taken at the same time as the pictures in the 'Piano Recital Portraits' layout in a previous post. My vintage item is the butterflies. I got them at some antique store. They had a little backing on them that I pulled off but it was no longer sticky underneath, if ever. Not sure if they were some kind of patch or what but they are fabric. I thought they looked pretty with the pp. I guess that is it. I'll take my cranky butt to bed here soon. Hope your Memorial weekend is filled with lots of loving memories of loved ones.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Foxy & Winston

I'm in love with this wall of screen prints by Foxy & Winston. They are so cool and the colors so fun and springy. My fav is the one at the top in the middle. You can also check out their flickr group HERE.

Happy Friday! I'm back to searching for garage sale items.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

NSD +7

So a couple of weeks ago over at AllyScraps they had their NSD event only 7 days later. There were several challenges but these are the only ones I managed to get done. I did win a photo guessing contest. I had a little help from my friends ;)

This challenge was to use the sketch provided, at least 3 different borders 7" long and 3 different fonts in your title which should have 7 letters in a one word title or 7 words:

This was a sketch challenge:

This challenge was a sketch challenge and we had to use B&W photos and bright colored pp:

This challenge was to use at least 3 different pp's from at least 2 different manufacturers:

This challenge was using 7's. I have 7 stips of different pp. 7 facts, 7 brads, 7 rubons but I cut one of the groups apart, 7 letters in the title:

So I'm half way thru "New Moon" and it is just starting to storm outside. Perfect reading time! Goodnight.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pieces of Me Journal

So over at SIS I got my Happy Mail Partner for the next few months. I was really excited that it was THIS GIRL! She is super talented and I have already found out she is super nice also. I look forward to getting to know her better over the next few months.

I have been working on my This is ME journal. I decided to call it 'Pieces of Me' instead. I've mostly used the new Sassafrass Lass pp's as it was going to be a sample for my lss. I also decided to do a different size than my normal 12x12. Here are some of the topics I have covered so far. I have TONS more to do! You can see those a later date though ;)

What do you collect?

My favorite shoes.

Fears. We all have them.

Who are your friends now?

Hoo do YOU love?

I threw this in when I thought about stuff that I 'collect'!

What do you deal with every day that you hate dealing with?

What's your Daily Routine

Got any tat's or piercings? Distinguishing marks?

How do you feel about Winter?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My New Love Affair...

So I was in 3rd grade before I really learned how to read. I had a not-so-nice first grade teacher that would laugh at me in reading group. At least that is how my first grade brain remembers it. My second grade teacher wasn't so hot either. Anyway, once I started becoming better at reading, I loved losing myself in a good book. First I recall loving The Boxcar Children, Then it was Judy Bloom books like Blubber and Are you there God, It's me, Margaret. Then in high school I moved on to V.C. Andrews and the Flowers in the Attic Series and Danille Steel books. Later years started my fascination with all things by Anne Rice, especially her vampire series Interview With A Vampire. One of my favorite series followed. I resisted at first, thinking it to be written for children, but then I saw the first 2 movies and was hooked. I had to get my hands on Harry Potter! I managed to read 3 of those books in a matter of days. In other words, I love nothing more than losing myself in a good book. I become one with the book. I want nothing but to READ the book! I'm sure that this says more about my personality than I care to admit ;) lol.

A good book is like a love affair. You feel the desire, the happiness, the loss of sleep just to be with your lover or thinking about your lover when you are seperated. The verge of obssession. You feel their pain and your heart races when danger nears them. It's exhilerating and I mourn it's loss when the story ends. I've spent the weekend reading the series below which you can find here.

I am in love with these books and Edward Cullen. I finished the first book today. I'm off to start the second one.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

You SO Bossy

So tonight over at SIS TV they had an appearance by 'The Bossy Scrapper'. At first I was NOT sure I was up for the challenge. It was going pretty fast. First and foremost, we had to answer every command with 'here boss'. Next, some of the commands were tricks and not commands at all! Ever play Simon says as a kid? Well there was a bit of Simon in our game also. So if the BOSS didn't say Bossy Says then it wasn't a real command. So, the commands started with finding a piece of cs weight pp in either a strip, floral or black. I got a cut piece of Junkitz floral that was laying on my scrap table. Next we had to cut it to 8.5x11 and then scallop an edge. I scalloped ALL my edges because the 'boss' didn't really say which sides to cut. Next we had to find some black paint. That reminds me that I had not a clue as to where my black paint dabber is and that I need to locate it. So I ran to my paint drawer and found some other black paint. Then we were to paint and edge. I painted ALL my edges. I almost forgot. Before the paint we had to find a piece of pp with red on it and then find something round and glue the round thing to the red thing and glue that to your background pp. Are you following me? Sometimes I was LOST! With everyone posting 'here boss' and witty banter it got a bit confusing. Now throw in a couple of non-command commands and you are right there with me in the craziness. We moved on to a stamp then and then 3 pieces of ribbon, a photo of myself and to top it all off I had to come up with a title that told WHY I was BOSSY! Like I'm not bossy. SHE or HE is the bossy scrapper, right? Well, not entirely true because suddenly I remembered that John thinks I'm bossy ALL the time so hence I had a title. And some journaling, because the last time I saw John he told me I wasn't as bossy as I used to be. I always said that if John could MAKE a DECISION I would have to and thus be telling him what to do, thus being bossy! So here is my layout. You'd think they all sucked but the didn't. Everyone's was pretty cool. One girls was so neat! I don't scrap that neat unless I have HOURS to spend. hehe And she did it being BOSSED! Ok, I'm off to go lose myself in my new love affair. If you want to read about THAT you'll need to check back tomorrow!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!!

WOO HOO!!! Hope everyone has tons of fun scrappin' the weekend away. Tonight I taught my first class. It was more than a little stressful. It only lasted 30 minutes over the alloted 2 hour time so that really wasn't bad considering all the new techniques and products they learned. It was a little crazy having two seperate colors of kits as I had to make up the other kit as I went along. Of course that was also the color that most people picked. Everyone said they had a good time. I seriously wanted a cocktail afterwards! I know. I don't drink cocktails anymore but I certainly wanted one. Not in a get-crazy-drunk way but in a it's-the-end-of-the-day way. I don't so I didn't. Tomorrow I teach a layout class using some journaling stamps from Hampton Arts. They are way cute. I used the Basic Grey Archaic line and the stamps and some old pics and I love the way they turned out. Simple and not in my usual bright colors. It was fun to make. I've got my t-shirt all altered for in the morning. Hope it looks cute. Haven't tried it on yet. It is late and I need to be up early. Hope your NSD is fun filled and productive!

Friday, May 2, 2008

National Scrapbooking Weekend Mini Book

So here is the mini I've been working on. All pics of Nana & Papa that I love. I used LOTS of techniques and tools like the Tim Holtz Texture Hammer and Glimmer Mist and Crackle Glaze, Perfect Pearls, Crop-A-Dile, Sepia Glaze, the Cutter Bee Circle Cutter and probably a few more that I can't think of right now. The class is tonight and it is my first time to 'teach' so keep your fingers crossed for me!