Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday again...

So what's on your agenda today? Wednesday's are always the same. I lead the noon AA meeting every Wednesday and then after that Nana goes to get her hair done. I usually just run some errands while she is there or come on home for some quiet time. It's still weird to me to live alone all those years and now to never be home alone. I need the quiet time in my day. Like when I put Nana to bed at night it's like instant freedom. Nothings changed. I just know that she shouldn't be needing anything from me for a while (like til tomorrow morning! lol).

This silly weather is messing with my allergies. Luckily no sickness yet and I decided I'm not going to get sick because I simply don't have the time! lol I've got a day away Saturday with 2 scrappy gf's for a day of shoppin' and scrappin' and laughin'! I'm WAY excited! I even did a lo about how I feel about my allergies.

So that's all for today. Happy Hump Day!

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