Monday, November 23, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Do you always feel like you are trying to 'catch up' with your to do list? I do. And the fact that I'm lazy doesn't help nor does the medicine coma I'm in today. I think I'll have to have a little nap before anything REALLY gets accomplished today. Anyone cooking Thanksgiving dinner? I am for Nana and a friend and I. So since I've got lots to do and a nap to attend to I'll just show you a few lo's that I've done this month.

Here is last months and the current Gutter Girlz challenge. Pop over there and check out the challenge and what the other girls did. Do the challenge and post your lo to the thread and you could win a $10 Tallyscrapper Gift Certificate.

These next 3 I did with this months Tallyscrapper kit. It's seriously gorgeous! I've got another lo from this kit that I'll post later and I still have tons of stuff left to do some more lo's! These pics are all from my trip to California too.

These next 2 are from a couple of challenges over at Tally's.

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