Monday, February 22, 2010


So the other day I open my email and I get this:

Hi there I love how you used my papers...I would love to post them on my blog and on my fac book fan page and of course give you credit and link you up.
if you are interested please send images to

keep on creating!
Marah Johnson

O.M.G! Was I INTERESTED??? You BETCHA! She's long been one of my fav designers since I started scrapping just a few years ago. Her tattoo collection is still one of my fav's and I will only use it for lo's I deem worthy. So not only are my lo's on her Facebook Fan Page but they are also on her blog here! I'm so totally honored I can't even tell you!


  1. TooCool! What an honor! I've had artists/designers take the time, like Marah, to reach out and compliment my interpretation of their art -- and I am giddy for days! =)

  2. congrats but uhh duh she's gonna love it! I have completely fallen in love with all the amazing scrapbook stuff you post on here ad am still so happy looking at what you sent me! I love what you make and your creativity is INSANE!

    ps...where oh where did you get the flowers from that you sent me...I've decided I need as many as I can get my hands on =)

  3. Congrats! SO very cool! Love her!

  4. that is so freaking awesome!!! I love her paper too and I am hoarding it---:D

  5. you deserve it! I really love your way of being and of being creative (forget my bad english!!)