Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaacccckkkk

Hi. Anyone still stop by here? I've done some remodeling. And I've decided it's time to get blogging again. I can't promise I'll be consistent, but I'll try. It's hard to find the time for everything anymore. Sometimes I miss the days where I was home all the time. But I'm out living my life & creating lots of new memories & filling up my Project Life album. This is the first time I've done Project Life & I'm loving it. It makes me want to get out & do things so I have something new to add to my week. Doing Project Life has changed a few things for me. I've done P365 for the past 3 years. You'd think that PL would play off that for me but I just can't keep up with both. I don't do Project Life like a P365. If there are days I don't take a pic then so be it (although I was this way with P365 as well). P365 was more about a cool pic for the day for me & PL is more about telling about my life: the daily doings  & special events. I bought the core kit from Becky at Amazon and I don't think I will next year. It helps me keep things somewhat simple but since I have an entire room of craft/scrappy supplies I kinda wish I was using those up instead. I'm really in LOVE with the way Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is doing her Project Life and you can read her thoughts about it HERE. I totally agree with her on how it takes over a bit. While I've done a couple of 6' x 12' layouts for extra pics in my PL I haven't done any traditional scrapping in such a LONG time so I'm also taking a couple of classes at Big Picture Classes. The one on Faith & It's All About Me. I'm hoping to rekindle that scrappiness but we will see. Here are my first few weeks of PL. I'm still going back & adding things. I want to make some smaller page protectors for all the receipts I've been keeping. I think it might be fun to see what things cost & what I spent my money on someday. I've started documenting the gas increase as well but I don't think that is in any of these first few weeks. I've added stickles & transparencies to my pages and doodling and just writing directly on my photos too.

My cover page. I added some photos like Cathy Z.

Week 1 I had several days home alone which was super nice. I spent New Years day shopping with a friend & getting some great boots & craft supplies with my Christmas gift card. I also started Traci Bautista's free Doodling Unleashed class at Strathmore Studio's. I'm starting a watercolor sketching one this week.

Week 2 I had a color class downtown, got my California driver's license (finally!) and it was my birthday. I added a 6' x 12' layout to this week.

 Week 3 started off COLD! And I also got a big box of birthday goodies from Kansas. That polka dotted paper is the gift wrap they used. We had our official Grand Opening at Loehmann's Plaza and I hosted a Passion Party. Fun & funny times!

Week 4 was some crafting: Traci's class assignments, my Year In The Life art journal prompt and also a rush to the vet with a sick kitty. Windsor keeps getting UTI's and I always worry he has a blockage so I rushed him in. But just another UTI. Gave him a double round of antibiotics so I hope he's good for a while. I did a couple of makeovers at work. Love giving people a new look.

That's it for now. I have other weeks done but not photographed yet. I'll show you my art from Traci's class next time.
Have a great day!


  1. Yay! Very cute, but knew it would be.

  2. love it Susan!!! I'm enjoying PL as well but it gets overwelming some days! I hope you keep sharing with us.

    PS thanks for having a link to my blog!