Saturday, November 17, 2007

Violet, like the flower

Saturday night and nothing to do. SO, I spent some time catching up with some of my fav. scrappy blog gals and found out that my personality is Violet.

you are violet

Your dominant hues are red and blue. You're confident and like showing people new ideas. You play well with others and can be very influential if you want to be.

Your saturation level is lower than average - You don't stress out over things and don't understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the html color quiz

I relate. I love this kind of stuff. I LOVE taking quizzes that tell me who I am or horrorscope thingymajiggies, numerology, you know, stuff like that.

Did another craft fair this weekend. Not so profitable but WAY interesting as I got to see my first outhouse! LOL I know. Like THAT is something that you have been dying to lay your eyes on, BUT, I luv me some dorky tourist traps, especially with interesting photo ops to scrap. This had many. It was the "Outhouse Tours" in Elk Falls, Kansas. I'll look for a link and upload some pics tomorrow. I could have done that on my Saturday night, but I am sure glad to find out that I am Violet!
Ta Ta

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