Wednesday, January 9, 2008


HAPPY 2008 Everyone!
So did any of you make any resolutions this year??? I did, but I already lost my list! LOL How funny is THAT! I don't really make resolutions because I will surely break them in the first week, especially that diet one. See my birthday is in a few days(only 5 shopping days left!!!) and I don't stop the holiday celebrations until AFTER my birthday so by then it seems a bit silly to be STARTING your New Years Resolutions. However, this year I wrote some random general things down like to stop procrastinating so much, worry less, save more etc. Stuff like that. Well those go along with my word-of-the-year. If you want to know more about picking a word of the year check out HERE and HERE. I chose the word Practice. There are so many words and it was a little difficult to choose a word that I thought could carry me thru the year and accomplish what I hoped to accomplish this year. I thought of Balance or Serenity, Create, Let Go, Love, and many many other words. And I realized I wanted to BE all these things but THAT was such a large order to attempt all at once. So that lead me to Practice.

Practice Balance
Practice Serenity
Practice Patiences
Practice Meditating
Practice Loving
Practice Sharing
Practice Caring
Practice Loving MYSELF More
Practice Saving
Practice Spending Less
Practice Creating
Practice Acceptance
Practice Surrender
Practice Being More GOD Conscience
Practice Blogging

With the word Practice I can try it all. I am just practicing. No pressure to be, absorb, learn, or master. Just Practice. And you know what they say, Practice makes perfect!

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