Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ornament Swap

Remember that Christmas ornament swap I mentioned that the girls over at Red Velvet Art were having? Well, I finally got my 3 ornaments. The little purple sequin one came all the way from Perth, Australia! Aren't they cute? I forgot to take pics of mine. Sorry. I have some other ones I painted that I'll show you later. I was a bad swapper and mailed mine a bit late. Oops! I was assured by the postgirl that they would all arrive BEFORE Christmas though so we're all good I think. One of mine went to Singapore! The pic above isn't so good. My camera is acting funny which scares me since I just got it last spring. It won't take a pic if the flash is on. Hmmm...

Anyway, hope you all are having a FABULOUS holiday Season. It's the season I like the most. OH, and they say SNOW is on the way!!! WOO HOO I LOVE me some snow!

1 comment:

  1. hi susan!
    this is shereen and yup, the postgirl is right! I got ur parcel today afternoon!
    thanks so much for the beautiful ornament!
    i really love it a lot(:
    have a wonderful x'mas!