Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inspiring Stories

Recently I spent some time in Austin, Texas for a little scrappy retreat with some fellow Tallyscrappers. I met 28 other fabulous women. I got to know some better than others and am still learning lots about most! When I clicked on today's Gutter Girlz post I was excited to learn more about Staci Compher. She sat at the table behind me & was a total doll but I had NO IDEA what an amazing journey she has been thru. I knew she was well published & that her lo's rawked (so it's only natural that she did too!) but when I read today's interview I was even more amazed. It also just gave me a totally different glimpse into my own mother for Staci's story & my mom's had some similiar situations happen. But you won't read about it here. You can, however, read about it HERE @ the Gutter Girlz Blog.

I've got pics to edit from my trip today & hope to be back with some for you all to see tomorrow.

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