Monday, July 27, 2009

Rosette Tutorial

So I did this lo a few months ago and have had a lot of people ask how I made my flowers so I've created a tutorial. It's also up at Tallyscrappers on the blog as well.

First you'll need some kind of circle cutter, glue, scissors, and some type of tool to wrap the paper around like a quilling tool or I used my round BG file.

First you'll cut a circle out of your desired paper

Next you'll take your scissors and cut the circle into a spiral

You'll cut the center out so that you have a base to glue the flower onto later.

Now taking your quilling tool and start from the center and roll the paper onto the tool. It's not going to be flat. The top is going to flare out a bit. Also if you want the edges to be rough you'll need to distress before you wrap.

Once wrapped and you determine the size of the flower (tighter wrap means smaller flower. Loser wrap means bigger flower) you'll want to add a dot of glue to the end so the size stays.

Next you'll want to add a generous amount of glue to the center circle you cut out and then add the bottom of the flower to the glue.

And now your flower is finished. You can make any size flower and you can make your base any size as well as in the examples below.

Another way to mix it up is to use a deckle edge scissors or cutter (I used a Martha Stewart deckle edge cutter) or you can even tear your circle into the spiral.

Please excuse my bad photos. No good light in this house at night when I took these. If you decide to try these then I'd love to see them so leave me a link to your finished lo so I can give you some love! Hope to see your creations soon and feel free to ask if you have any questions!


  1. very cool! i have been seeing these and need to try...tfs!

  2. Very cool! They look great! Might just have to try these!

  3. I am going to have to try this! TFS this tutorial!