Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

Did you all have a nice National Scrapbooking Day? I went to my local scrap store, Chasing Rainbows, as usual. Lots of laughs and eating where done by all and even some scrapping! I managed to do a couple of layouts and then get caught up on my Everyday Adventures class. 

This first lo is the first challenge in my Log Your Memories challenges. Yes I'm a bit behind in starting this project. Suppose to be a challenge a week for a year and I'm just starting. hehe. I had to come up with 100 things I wanted to do before I died. These are just the things that came off the top of my head. There are MANY more. I even forgot to put one of the things I've been dying to do and that is ride a horse. 
What's on my list?
 ~ Cruise the Greek Isles ~ High Tea ~Have my own art show ~Tattoo from Silje ~Tattoo from Kat Von D ~Learn to blow glass ~Take an Amtrak ride ~Eat @ Paula Dean Rest. ~Go to New Orleans ~Learn to fence ~Take poll dancing classes ~Learn yoga ~Visit an ashram ~Visit all 50 states ~Niagra Falls ~See Oprah ~Canada rail train ~See a fashion show in New York or Paris or BOTH! ~See all the new 7 wonders of the world (I counted these as 7) ~Go to the Olympics ~Top of Eiffel Tower ~MOMA in Barcelona ~MOMA in NY ~Stay @ the Plaza Hotel ~Serendipity's ~Ice skate @ Rockfeller Center ~Transiberian train ride ~ Sky Diving ~Norway ~Sweden ~Greenland ~Russia ~Spain ~Experience an earthquake ~Broadway play on Broadway ~Seattle Space Needle ~Smithsonian ~Tour the White House ~Swim with Dolphins ~Learn & go scuba diving ~Ride in a hot air balloon ~Ride a camal ~Ride an elephant ~Nikko Hurtado tattoo ~Write a book ~Get Published ~Take an Alaskan Cruise ~Live in Europe ~Go to England ~Prague ~Scotland ~Ireland ~Egypt ~China ~Japan ~Back to Italy ~Own a Chanel Bag ~Birkin Bag ~Mink Coat ~Fall in Love ~Get Married ~Kiss on a gondola under a bridge in Venice ~Meet a President ~African Safari ~Go to Bill W's house ~Go apple picking ~Drive the autobahn ~Germany ~Visit a concentration camp ~Be in a movie ~Mt Rushmore ~Yellowstone National Park ~Take an RV trip across US ~Louve ~Jim Morrison's grave ~Blahniks ~Christian Louboutins ~Tiffany Diamonds ~Own a vintage car ~Platform artist ~take Paul Mitchell class ~Vidal Sassoon classes ~Carriage ride thru Central Park ~Sleigh ride in the snow ~Breakfast @ Tiffany's ~Opera in Italy ~Float the Grand Canyon ~AA International Conference ~Hair World ~Times Square ~Empire State Building ~Have fresh squeaky cheese ~5 Star Rest. ~See a live Volcano ~Redwood Forest ~San Diego Zoo  

Ok so I have 109 things listed on this lo! lol And I have MANY MANY MORE! Basically I want to TRAVEL! Always been the main dream of my life is to see the world. You know we fill our lives with things but it's the experiences we remember and treasure.

This next lo was for the sketch contest the store had this weekend. I used some fun Doodlebug papers and some pics of Windsor 'hiding' in the flowers I was trying to photograph the other day. Such a silly one he is.
Next are my Everyday Adventure assignments. I like how they make me look at the world a bit different.
Small Thoughts
Where I sit
World of Color
Interesting Garbage
Becoming Leonard Cohen

Experience Documentation Log (National Scrapbooking Day of course!)

That's it for today. I'm busy working on projects for Top Shelf Memories with their super cute May kits. You should go check them out & I'll be back with some examples soon. Have a great hump day!


  1. Lovely layouts Susan!! I love the paint chip one!!

  2. Great stuff! And love all that you want to do yet. I want to see JMs grave too. Lets go to Paris!

  3. I love how much you can get done! It is so impressive!

  4. i love that heart rainbow paper! I need some who makes it?
    I want a tattoo by both of those amazing women too.

    you inspire me so much every time i see your scrapbook pages.