Sunday, April 25, 2010

Everyday Adventures

You KNOW you want them. Just go ahead and admit it. Flower POWER! No these are not the latest fashion trend in summer eyewear UNLESS you are taking Everyday Adventures over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. These are my Goggles of Enhanced Perception. The class is based on the "How To Be An Explorer of The World" by Keri Smith. We also had to make a field journal to write down our observations. Here's a couple of other pics of my glasses too:
 I'm already having lots of fun with this class and I'll show you some of our 'adventures' in a couple of days.
I've also been trying to catch up on some art journaling prompts from both Your Life Spelled Out and A Year In The Life art journal sites.

My Voice


I Am Not Afraid

And also here is this weeks Scrapperie Book of Me prompt: Pet Peeves or #PunchInTheFace. My friend Laura (Cameron_Crazy) was ticked about something one day and started the hashtag of #punchintheface. Well it's caught on with our little group when someone ticks us off or there's a situation we don't like we give it a virtual punch. 
 Ok that's it for the week. I've been a crafty busy girl! And lots more to do this week with birthday presents to make and kits to design with and art journal prompts to host & National Scrapbook Day next weekend. So go get your craft on!


  1. Wow, woman - you've been creating like crazy! Love it all. The art journal is just so neat. I think my fav is broken heart - universal.

  2. Face Punch! =)
    Saw these journal pages on your Flickr last night -- trippin' out on all of 'em, especially "Ouch."

  3. Those journal pages are really wonderful and creative. I am just dabbling into the world of art journal/ altered book pages and I know I'm holding back. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Ladymiss susan!

    Love your mixed media pages, I would really love to get into that form of art :)

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  5. I love all of your work but #punchintheface has me jumping up and down for joy! It's awesome! I might have to make my own #punchintheface art journal page! I agree with many of your pet peeves.