Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swallowed Up By Stuff

Look at all this STUFF! It's what I've been up to lately . Organize, sorting and packing stuff. In between 2 trips to Texas, a cold, speaking at AA in Tulsa, an abcessed tooth and today's emotional meltdown. Filing thru the lives of my grandparents & parents & some of my sisters stuff. And setting things aside for my uncle & 2 cousins. But the hardest part is sorting thru all my emotional STUFF and there is a LOT of that stuff today. And having to believe. Continuing to believe with my whole heart when my beliefs are being challenged. You can't have doubt while believing with your whole heart. I'm overwhelmed today. Overwhelmed by stuff.
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  1. I'm sorry it's such a hard day. Going through the belongings of others, especially when so many emotions are involved, is so difficult. You hang in there! You are pretty amazing for making sure to hold things for your other relatives (rather than making them paw through the stuff themselves). That kind of adds to the anxiety, I imagine.

    Take care!

  2. I know it's got to be hard right now but nothing worth it comes easy - right? Soon you'll be under sunny Cali skies! :) Hugs!