Monday, July 12, 2010

Final Days

So I'm in the final days of my Kansas residency. I had Nana's estate sale this past weekend. I'm STILL packing my own stuff. I've got a week of busyness and "see-ya'-soons" because goodbyes seem to final. My cat-trapping abilities are not so good but I'm excited to say that I found a home for Boo if I can just catch him to get him there. God sent me a gift in Janice who helped me thru the last week along with my sponsor. These two women will always carry a special place for me for helping me navigate this difficult time. I'm simultaneously happy & sad. I'm scared a little shitless that I'm moving in with a friend because that has never gone well for me in the past. I'm worried about my babies (Windsor & Hambly) and how they are going to take to being on the road for 12 days and also to living in a home with dogs. I didn't give birth to them but I feel the need to protect them just the same. And thru all my tears and worries and anxieties I know I'm going and doing what God wants me to do. Of course there is this itty bitty little nagging in the smallest corner of my mind that is saying "well I hope this was God's will and not SUSAN's will taking over again". I mean it's not like He wrote me a letter ya' know? And doing Susan's will has not fared well for me in the past.  Not sure when I'll get to blog again. Hopefully I can share from the road but I'm not really liking how big the blogium app makes pics so maybe just words of our adventures with pics to follow. Because there will be pics. LOTS of pics.


  1. I think the fact that you have been seeking God's will is a good thing and you can be confident that you will be in his presence no matter what!
    Look forward to hearing from you as your trip progresses.

  2. You're in my prayers as well - I'm sure all will be well and I'm really excited for you!

  3. safe trip and big hugs, I am positive that everything will turn out good for you


  4. I hope everything turns out for the best. I wish I could have been there for you and been at the sale--:D love me a good sale!!

    ((HUGS)) for having to give away one of your babies. I know that has to be very hard. I know because I had to do the same 6 years ago. My baby puppy--:(

    hey could you text me I lost all my contact when my phone quit. I now have a new up to date phone--:) no more stone age for me!! same number thanks so much.

    take care and keep in touch

  5. I LOVE YOU!! Praying for you too!!