Friday, July 23, 2010

On the Road, Again

Well I always knew this was an adventure & I wasn’t wrong!

My trailer & car were packed to capacity, the house empty, goodbye’s & see-ya-laters said and Kary and I were on the road. We didn’t get very far before our first mishap. We’d just gone thru the traffic circle at Fredonia (maybe 30 mins from Indy) when a car flagged us down and told us to pull over.  Seems the trailer had come open & was dispersing my belongings along the highway. One of those bags contained my hair stuff & a pair of $600 shears!!! :0  A nice man in a truck towing a boat pulled over to say that he saw someone picking up my stuff from the road. A few minutes later that man drove by to say he’d put my stuff on the side of the road so Kary and I went back to pick it up after the boat guy gave us a bungee cord to keep the door on the trailer down.  Seems the lock I bought had to much slack in it & was allowing the door to slip up.  We barely got that door down so I was surprised it got up so easily!!!

The next bump came from my rising fuel cost. My car does NOT like towing a trailer. Rather my gas tank doesn’t like towing a trailer. So much for my great Toyota gas mileage! This is seriously impacting my financial status.

So we are trudging down the highway when we hear something dragging. At first we think it’s the chains to the trailer but then discover it’s my muffler pipe hanging dangerously low. By Dodge City it’s dragging pretty bad so we pull into a mechanics, he looks under the car and tells us to come back the next day at 8am. We find a motel, let the kitties out of the cage, eat & shower and settle in for the night. Did I mention Kansas is having a heat wave? Well we are.

The next morning we are off to Corky’s. Come to find out my muffler pipe has been dragging since we left pretty much and almost has a hole in it. Corky says he can fix it in an hour for $60 & we go to Boot Hill for a little sightseeing.








Car was fixed and we were on our way.  I can thank my UHaul guy for this little mishap as when he put my hitch on he took OFF the muffler pipe guard causing it to drag. Colorado Springs here we come! But not without some stops along the prairie & Santa Fe trail.




From the age of 4 until a couple of days after I finished 3rd grade we lived in Garden City, Ks. I’ve never been back until last week and low & behold our little house was still there right across the street from the high school football field like all those years ago. It looks EXACTLY the same!


Finally we hit the Colorado border.


Where the hay bales look like loaves of bread.


So 3 tanks of gas, a little car issue and we finally arrive safely to Kary’s brothers house & an awesome home cooked meal. We’re here for a few days and have been doing some sightseeing so I’ll be back to show you those pics later. I’m off to lunch with a fellow tweeter. Stay tuned…


  1. Wow you're not kidding about it being an adventure. Sympathies over the mishaps. Enjoying your fun photos! Travel well & enjoy the sites!

  2. Hope smoother roads ahead! How cool to visit childhood home. :)

  3. you look like you are having a great time!! Shame about the car trouble. Hope the rest of your trip is a safe and fun one


  4. what would a roadtrip be without some mishaps and adventure to keep it interesting and give you some stories to blog about?! :)

    Be safe and have fun! Loving all the pics.