Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greetings from Cranky Pants.

So I've been cranky and bored today. I think my problem is that I finished "New Moon" last night and I don't have the third one yet. Brook is still reading it. I told her to call me when she finished it and I would drive over and pick it up! lol I've decided I can just wait until she comes to Independence next Saturday. It is a 45 minute drive with gas at almost $4 a gallon. It's the end of the month also. So I'm missing the story. I did finish watching the second season of 'Weeds' tonight. I need to do some scrapping but I just wasn't in the mood tonight. Tomorrow.

In honor of tomorrow's Memorial Day I went to the cemetary and put flowers on my families graves. I actually wanted to post a picture but still no camera. Soon, VERY soon. I'm sure that added to my mood as I miss my sister and my mommy. My Papa and father are also buried there. I think the the whole putting-flowers-on-the-grave thing is a bit strange but I know it is for the living, not the deceased. Personally, I don't want to ever be buried. I don't want someone feeling obligated to put flowers on my grave at holidays so that others will know we were loved. I'd rather remember fun times than have to go to the cemetary. But that is my oh-so-not-important humble opinion and I know Nana was happy that I had gone.

I entered a Tinkering Ink contest today. You were suppose to use something truly vintage on your layout. I think this picture of my mom is pretty vintage. I'm guessing she is 8 years old in the picture and that it was taken at the same time as the pictures in the 'Piano Recital Portraits' layout in a previous post. My vintage item is the butterflies. I got them at some antique store. They had a little backing on them that I pulled off but it was no longer sticky underneath, if ever. Not sure if they were some kind of patch or what but they are fabric. I thought they looked pretty with the pp. I guess that is it. I'll take my cranky butt to bed here soon. Hope your Memorial weekend is filled with lots of loving memories of loved ones.


  1. Susan,
    that is so beautiful!! Is it digital? I love the bright colours. You always amaze me. Keep up the good work.


  2. I started by just looking at the pictures and I came back to read the post. It seems to me that you have suffered great loss in your life and have struggled through many tough times. I am sorry for your losses and say kudos to you for overcoming such adversity. Stay strong and try to always find the good in every bad situation, that motto has always given me great strength.

    Your Friend
    Marie Cramp