Saturday, May 17, 2008

You SO Bossy

So tonight over at SIS TV they had an appearance by 'The Bossy Scrapper'. At first I was NOT sure I was up for the challenge. It was going pretty fast. First and foremost, we had to answer every command with 'here boss'. Next, some of the commands were tricks and not commands at all! Ever play Simon says as a kid? Well there was a bit of Simon in our game also. So if the BOSS didn't say Bossy Says then it wasn't a real command. So, the commands started with finding a piece of cs weight pp in either a strip, floral or black. I got a cut piece of Junkitz floral that was laying on my scrap table. Next we had to cut it to 8.5x11 and then scallop an edge. I scalloped ALL my edges because the 'boss' didn't really say which sides to cut. Next we had to find some black paint. That reminds me that I had not a clue as to where my black paint dabber is and that I need to locate it. So I ran to my paint drawer and found some other black paint. Then we were to paint and edge. I painted ALL my edges. I almost forgot. Before the paint we had to find a piece of pp with red on it and then find something round and glue the round thing to the red thing and glue that to your background pp. Are you following me? Sometimes I was LOST! With everyone posting 'here boss' and witty banter it got a bit confusing. Now throw in a couple of non-command commands and you are right there with me in the craziness. We moved on to a stamp then and then 3 pieces of ribbon, a photo of myself and to top it all off I had to come up with a title that told WHY I was BOSSY! Like I'm not bossy. SHE or HE is the bossy scrapper, right? Well, not entirely true because suddenly I remembered that John thinks I'm bossy ALL the time so hence I had a title. And some journaling, because the last time I saw John he told me I wasn't as bossy as I used to be. I always said that if John could MAKE a DECISION I would have to and thus be telling him what to do, thus being bossy! So here is my layout. You'd think they all sucked but the didn't. Everyone's was pretty cool. One girls was so neat! I don't scrap that neat unless I have HOURS to spend. hehe And she did it being BOSSED! Ok, I'm off to go lose myself in my new love affair. If you want to read about THAT you'll need to check back tomorrow!


  1. That's amazing Susan. I got confused following all that. ROFL

  2. Wow, I only followed you up to "get some black paint". After that I would've had to TIVO and play back.

  3. Wow!! Glad you could get through that... I am afraid I would have blown my top... It must be hard to be demanded to have vision... but you turned it out GREAT!! Fun layout chica!!