Thursday, May 22, 2008

NSD +7

So a couple of weeks ago over at AllyScraps they had their NSD event only 7 days later. There were several challenges but these are the only ones I managed to get done. I did win a photo guessing contest. I had a little help from my friends ;)

This challenge was to use the sketch provided, at least 3 different borders 7" long and 3 different fonts in your title which should have 7 letters in a one word title or 7 words:

This was a sketch challenge:

This challenge was a sketch challenge and we had to use B&W photos and bright colored pp:

This challenge was to use at least 3 different pp's from at least 2 different manufacturers:

This challenge was using 7's. I have 7 stips of different pp. 7 facts, 7 brads, 7 rubons but I cut one of the groups apart, 7 letters in the title:

So I'm half way thru "New Moon" and it is just starting to storm outside. Perfect reading time! Goodnight.


  1. Hi Susan,
    just thought I would drop in again. These are all fantastic. My favorite has to be the one with the B&W pics and the bright coloured paper. Hope you visit me again.


    By the way is Yellow Brick Road, Kansas a real place??? If it is I want to move there just to ba able to tell people where I live. lol. Love It!!


  2. Hi Again,
    On your blog I noticed that you like Elsie Flannigan, I was hoping you would not respond until I put up my last post because it is a layout inspired by her book "52 scrapbooking Challenges" So I guess you will have to go back again to peek. lol.

    Thanks for checking me out again, I think I will add you to my list of favorites...