Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life's Hard, Eat Cupcakes!

So what's been going on. Nana is in the nursing home still. Looks like she will be there until I get back from my trip to California. It's bitter sweet as I miss her dearly and yet I enjoy having time to myself. I have been scrapping lots but I need to do some scanning and editing first. I finished the TallyScrapper Olympics and Survivor starts tomorrow there. America's Next Top Scrapbooker starts Oct. 1st at Allyscraps. I'm done with Project Catwalk at SIS TV. I've done some swaps. One I'm even already got finished WAY before the due date. Others, well not so much. lol Scrap Pink is this weekend and I am REALLY looking forward to that and then Monday I am off to Tulsa to get my 'black' roots done because despite what Romy and Michelle think, I don't believe I look good with blonde hair and black roots! So since I haven't been posting much I thought I would at least show you my last entry to Project Catwalk. I did this about 3 weeks ago. There were 2 more challenges but I just wasn't feeling them all the sudden so I decided to stop pressuring myself. With Nana in the hospital/nursing home I decided I didn't need to add to THAT pressure. Being in my head,especially last week, wasn't such a fun place to be. So anyhoo, for this challenge we were to create something that was inspired by Jeanette and SIS in the SIS style. I used the SIS colors of red and teal and threw in some pink for me. I used a record because during the first Bossy Scrapper Jeanette used a record for her background and I thought it was neat. I also just happen to have an entire record cabinet full of them also. Jeanette loves tape of all shapes and sizes so I used some red 7 Gypsies gaffer tape, the bonus product which was the teal & white gaffer tape and then some Kawaii tape from on of my swaps. It had a cupcake them and I used a Maya Road Cupcake Rubon to go with my title: Life's Hard, Eat Cupcakes. I thought the title appropriate since JJ just found out her husband has cancer and I was dealing with Nana being in the hospital at the time. So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Let's fold scarves!

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  1. I absolutely love this page!!! I found your blog through Alley Scraps. You asked where in Co. I live, its Highlands Ranch. Thanks for making me feel welcome! Jen