Monday, October 20, 2008

On a little vaca!

Blood! You know me and vampires! ;) Today Kary took me to the Capital for a private tour. I was hoping to get to see Arnold but you'll have to wait for a pic to see just how close I got to him. They all call him the Governor or Governor Hi. I'm in Sacramento visiting Kary. I got here last Thursday. We went to Scrapbook Expo on Friday and Saturday. Took a few classes and shopped a lot and laughed even more. Nicci, Leeann and Miss Callie Jean (all Allyscraps girls) came down or over to play with Kary and I along with Kary's friend Ann. Sunday we scrapped some, I napped some and Kary got me addicted to TruSchwarzenegger and I was just like Arnold this and Arnold that. Funny how since he is a Hollywood star I use his first name.
Tomorrow we are all going to San Francisco. Can't wait since I have wanted to go there for-EVER! I've had a cold since I've been here that is promptly turning into a sinus infection. Lovely! Taking tons of pics. All hail the SSK! LOL

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