Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wreck This Journal Part 1

Usually we spend a lot of time trying to make our art pretty or pleasing to the eye or sending the right message or whatever, so when I saw @starshyne on Twitter talking about her next group project and it was Wrecking This Journal by Keri Smith I just knew I had to play along. Even more so when I discovered several TallyScrapper sisters were interested also. This started a couple of weeks ago but this is my first post. I really need to get busy and do more wrecking for sure. And my idea of wrecking I realize needs to go a bit farther. I was thinking that in the end I would want to keep the book but I think that is not going with the theme of the project so be prepared to see lots more photos of me DESTROYING this book! hehe How often do you get creative license to destroy something? So this is the beginning. Can't wait to see what the end will look like. If you'd like to join it's not to late. Just click on the link up there, sign up, grab a book and start wrecking. It's fun times I swear.
So my fist page I wrecked was sticking my pencil through this page:

I love the look of coffee stains but after my first pouring I wasn't impressed. Of course I thought it needed MORE! I was much happier with the second or third pouring/splatters. Much more visually pleasing. I need to use coffee stains more that's for sure.

Ok this page got me started by the lines but I'm thinking I'm suppose to WRECK this journal, not treat it nicely in any way SO this is just stage one. There will be more tearing. LOTS more tearing!

You spin me round round baby round round like a record baby round round round round.

It is going to take a LOT of fruit to cover these 2 pages in fruit stickers! Her's what we have so far though.

I'm having fun with this page. I've been wanting to do this thing with some canvases for a while now so there will definately be more spilling on this page. I wanted to show you what the first couple of coats looked like though.

I'm thinking now that I stopped that maybe I should have kept going on this continous line until the page was covered. Oh well. There will be much more wrecking before this is all said and done!

I used some hand scrapping tools to scratch up the surface of this page. Thank you Tonic & Tim Holtz! I used my distressor and then my piercing tool.

This page wanted my name written several different ways.

It took a nice dip in the pool on a hot summer day last Thursday. I see more water sports in her future.

Then we layed out and worked on our tan while getting a little makeup in the form of doodling. We were still a bit wet though and really needed to dry first.

The book and me are off to the pool again today. Check back often to see new pics.

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  1. SO cool!! The boys and I need to get some WRECKING done.

  2. How funny, I saw the wrecked journal and didn't even notice the header. Once I get focused on a task, I see nothing else. Thanks for reminding me to look. Let me know when you want a new one.