Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blame It On The Moon

So how's your week been? Let me tell you it's been a little funky around here! And several of my friends have been feeling the funk as well.  This funk is not of the George Clinton and the P*Funk AllStars kind of funk either. It's the kind of funk you want to shake right off because it be bringing you DOWN. Hopefully it's passing. I'm sure my weekend away coming up will do much for my attitude :)

So all this talk about the moon started with the full moon that was Sunday night and my Full Moon Dreamboard that I did in conjunction with  Jamie Ridler's blog.  I don't really know what all the images represent to me.  Of course some are just representational and some are suggestive and the words are inspiring. I bet your wondering why I put "wear cute underwear" on the dream board! That is mostly about my happiness project that I am working on with a group of Twitter girls and not saving the cute underwear for the best date kind of thing or vacation or whatever. Today is as good a day as any right? And also you never know what might happen so be prepared for anything. I'd really like to take this Soul Reflections class before the next full moon but we will see how that goes.  It's definitely on my list.

This was the Snow Moon. Funny that for once this winter there was no snow here. So what are you dreaming about this month?


  1. I agree about the underwear --I never save them!

    I hope your week picks up and is brighter!!!!


  2. So cool - also agree with the use it now theory from HP. :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Nice collage! Agree on use it today! :)

    Sorry if duplicate post, lost power.