Sunday, January 30, 2011

52 Weeks

So I'm participating in Kim Whitten's 52 Week Project this year where you take a self-portrait every week. I'm doing most of mine on my iPhone, just like my Project 365 which I actually completed last year! (Yay ME!) and am doing again this year. I started Kim's idea last year but it didn't last long. I know I've grown in my ability to love myself this year because of the fact that I'm not freaking on every pic so far. Anyway, you can check out the flickr group here.

Week 1: I went to San Francisco with my friend Jacqui to get her Chinese visa and it was closed for the holiday so we had breakfast at the Squack & Gobble. I took this pic of my reflection in the mirror with the menu boards behind me.

Week 2: 2 days after the above shot was taken I came down with an awful cold that would NOT go away. I missed a week of work and laid in bed the whole time. My kitties were my constant companions and so I snapped this pic one day while convalescing & cuddling with Hambly.

Week 3: This week brought my 44th birthday. One of my co-workers gave me some awesome big hair with a side pony & I decided to make a collage of pics with my Diptic app.

Week 4: It was a gorgeous (although rare lately) sunny day in Davis & I caught this long shadow of myself while fetching some lunch.

I have week 5 but haven't uploaded it yet so you can look for that later.

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  1. Looking good girl! Happy freakin' belated Birthday! I'm sorry I'm belated!