Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday 5 (or 10)

1. favourite actor/actress growing up?

Brook Sheilds (she was so scandalous with Pretty Baby & Blue Lagoon!)
Tom Cruise (We were such dorks we took pictures of the paused television screen while watching Risky Business)
Molly Ringwald (I'm STILL waiting for Jake to bring me my cake and I inherited her passion for the bad boy, although none of them looked like Jude Law)
Demi Moore (I was always in love with her long beautiful hair and still am. I also thought her cocaine addiction in St. Elmo's Fire was tragically sad. To bad I inherited that too!)
Robert Downey Jr. (need I say more?)
and a few others I'm sure!

2. favourite tv show/movie they were in and why?
See above!

3. favourite quote by said actor/actress?

Oh I suck at this so no idea

4. favourite image of said actor/actress?
I think Demi is WAY more beautiful now than she was in the past. RDJ too.

5. what would you like said actor/actress to appear in?

Oh hell I don't know but make it good

Ok I'm so not into those questions so let's do last weeks. (BTW you can find these at Live Journal 

1. what's something you're really good at doing?

Being ME!
2. what's your best character trait?

3. what do people often compliment you about?

My crafty/artistic talent
4. what's one of the nicest things you've ever done for someone?

Gave a family Christmas presents anonymously
5. what's your best physical attribute?


Have a great weekend!

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