Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creative Every Day

This year I've pledged to be Creative Every Day . Now I KNOW this might not happen EVERY day, but I think it can happen most. I mean I already scrap almost every night last year (well until the holidays came) and I promised myself that this year would be the year I started fostering more of that creative spirit inside of me beyond scrapping. I'm participating in The Erosion Bundle Project and I'm a guest host at Year in the Life Art Journal and many other things that I'll share as I go along. I've got so many things I want to participate in this year that I'm starting to make list and write them on a creative calendar.
The CED challenge got a lot less daunting when I realized that I could just work on something every day. I didn't have to finish it. Also it's not just art or scrapping. It's taking photos and cooking too. Since I'm doing the Project 365 on my iPhone that might be all I do creatively for that day. And if I forget a day so be it. So this week I've taken my photo every day! Can't BELIEVE I've remembered. You can go see them on my tumblr acct if you'd like. I've tried some new recipes. Both Nana asked for seconds! I've searched for inspiration in fabric and nature and colors in general for my Inspiration Defined class. I did last weeks homework which was to pick a fav lo and to lift it.
The old lo:

and the new lo.
Last night I worked on my next Gutter Girlz LO which you won't get to see until next Friday while creating some new friendships with some scrappy girls from Twitter. Tonight I plan to work on the art of lettering writing for my Happy Mail partners.


  1. Those are great layouts Susan!

    That teal ric rack with green, yellow and pink make me happy!

    Been working on preparing my huge thrifted book for my art journal - looking forward to that!

  2. Love both l/o's! Love all the bold colors - you just blow me away w/ your creativeness!

  3. OMG those are both AMAZING Susan!!! DROOL! Love all the details! So great!

  4. Both those layouts are gorgeous!