Monday, January 25, 2010

Sick Sick Sick

I guess I'm better now or I wouldn't be blogging. I am keeping food down now which is nice, although I'm not eating any to keep down in the first place.  Gaterade/Sprite diet for me today. I'd planned on starting back on my eating plan this week so I guess that was quite the kick off weekend huh?
I got some Happy Mail this past week from Meep from Vermont and you can check out her blog HERE. I swear she is psychic because I had just put a new zip drive thingy on my WM list.

Then I've got some lo's that I've done over the last couple week. First I did this one for Scraptivitiy's blog. I just love this pic of the full moon over the Bay Bridge in SF last Feb.

Then the new Gutter Girlz Prompt is up and here is my take

Over at Scrapperie I'm the new team leader for the Book of Me prompts each week. Our first prompt was to scrap your Word of the Year. My word is Feed: feed my soul. feed my spirit. feed my spirituality. feed my body with healthy food and exercise. feed my recovery. feed my creativity.

Next is one of my assignments for my class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. We were to scrap a color or around a couple of colors. I picked my fav color of course

My friend Amy is having a little boy in a few weeks and his name will be Owynn. We had her shower the other night. Owynn's room is a jungle theme so I painted her an elephant for Owynn's wall

The first prompt is up over at Year in the Life Art Journal. You can join the ning site by going HERE. Here's my cover page and my page for the prompt of What


I'm also participating in another art journal site called Your Life Spelled Out. They have daily journal prompts and weekly art journal prompts. I'm a little behind but I'll catch up soon. Here is my first prompt. Again with the color

Ok I think that is it for today. The headache is back so back to bed I go. Hope none of you get this. Have a happy week.


  1. That elephant painting is adorable!! Love your color page too! (I am still behind in that class. Oops.)

  2. great happy mail!!
    I am so jealous of that painting--:) so so cute!!

    awesome layouts as always!

  3. Hope you're feeling better!
    I love the diversity of your scrapbook pages! =)

  4. I'm so glad you liked your happy mail! I thought the birdee might look cool on a scrapbook page.. Happy January!


  5. your bay bridge page is amazing!