Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Cheese To My Macoroni

I just watched Juno and I LOVED it!!! Have you seen it yet? If not and you want to then STOP READING NOW!!! I just loved her attitude and the way she talked and how her parents didn't throw a hysterical fit. I liked that she gave the baby to the woman anyway. A bit unrealistic IMHO, but I loved it just the same. Soundtrack is AWESOME and it should be arriving in my mailbox in the next few days because my scrappy friend Gina burnt me a copy and sent it my way!!! Woot Woot!!! Love me some indie music. I've also been watching Season 3 of Weeds. I'm tivoing Season 4 to watch when I am done. I'm also blog partying this week at Serendipity Scrapbooks so I should be updating more often. I have some layouts to scan and load and I have my first ever ATC's finished. I must say I am LOVING the ATC's and can't wait to start getting others and seeing everyone's work. It is making me come up with some cool ideas for other projects also.

Anyway, I have like my 3rd or 4th sinus infection of 2008 and my head is a banging so I'm outta here. Catch ya' later.


  1. Hope you are felling better.

  2. oh, the Juno soundtrack rocks! enjoy