Sunday, July 20, 2008

I wanna, I wanna...

Sorry, I'm still singing the Spice Girls from last night! Where O' where are my barbies??? I forgot to mention the Clown last night who made the great balloon hats and animals. Christy is sporting her fab creation in the pics below. There were also alligators, poodles, cat's, teddy bears, bugs and horns to wear!

The Birthday Girl!

Christy and I

Scrappy Chix

Notice Christy's T-shirt! She is vowing to never tell us a story from her past again! LOL

Christy, Me & Brook

Guess who!


Marcee & Zach

Addy, Amy, Jason & Sydney

Tracie, Jade & (Ops! I can't remember Tracie's husbands name! YIKES!)

Brian, Tate & Brook

Ok, I've LOST my cell phone!!! I THINK it is in Marcee's car but since she is NOT answering my calls from the home phone I am still in a panic over it. Guess I will just have to go relax myself by the pool! :) Have a nice Sunday everyone!


  1. Great pics looks like you had fun!

  2. I AM BUMMED!! I couldnt be there... well at least I have pictures now to pretend anyway!!

    We have to catch up on all the goods form the par-tay!!


  3. hey I am lookign at your pieces of me journal here on the sidebar... AWE-some girlie!!