Friday, July 11, 2008


is BUSY lately!!! I really would like it to slow down a bit and let me take a breath and catch up. Do you all have days or weeks like that? Always seems to be that way after I return from being away. I had a nice time in Tulsa. Saw some friends, did a bit of shopping, ate some good food, watched some movies and a bit of TV, got the hair colored :D This week I am the host of the Book of Me Challenge HERE and my local scrap store is starting their Bi-annual scrappy garage sale tomorrow. I have a ton of things going on this weekend and honestly, all I want to do is take a NAP! LOL Shocking, I know.

My journaling reads:
We always say "If I had know then what I know now." I wish I would have known to trust my intuition. To have confidence in myself. To not be afraid. I wish I would have known then to trust that God would get me thru anything & I would survive. I wish I would have known that popularity really wasn't important & gossip gets you nowhere. I should have never stopped creating. Internships ARE important. Things are not. You only have to live up to YOUR expectations, no one else's! No one is better than you or beneath you. Study hard! I wish I had known these things, & more, but then I would have had different life lessons.

Hope your having a Happy Friday!!!


  1. Very cool layout!!!!!!!! I really hear what you are saying! Hmmm I should do a LO on this subject.

  2. That is beautiful. I just love your work.


  3. I love that layout! Good luck with the lss garage sale.

  4. love your page and the journaling totally rocks!!!! good luck at the LSS garage sale, I always love those!!!