Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last weekend I had HUGE challenges! My computer got zapped because of a 'brown out' which means the electricity flickers on and off and the surge fried my modem and then something inside my computer which my FABULOUS friend Jason so kindly fixed for me. I was without internet from Friday night until Tuesday night and let me just tell you, THAT is a challenge! I didn't know what to do with myself half the time! I kept setting down to check my email and no connection :( Sad times. But all is well in the land of Susan once again. YIPPPPEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Hey, do you know what comes out tomorrow night at Midnight???

I'm SO SO SO excited!!!!! Will Edward and Bella get married? Will Bella become a vampire??? Everywhere I go I have conversations about these books. Mostly with grown women. Hardly any with young adults. But who am I kidding, I still THINK I am a young adult despite what that evil date on my driver's license says! So I guess you all can tell what I will be doing this weekend. Now my dilemma: do I take is slow and try to savor every last bit or do I plow right thru it so I know how it ends? I'm going to say I will try to savor for as long as possible (which is usually about 1/3 of the way in) and then I will go into seclusion until it is finished. I'm not such a fast reader so I can't read it in a night. I'm sure I will NOT be disappointed.

So your watching Project Runway right? Well, if you aren't then you should start! Although I have to say I haven't seen anything that just blew my socks off yet but it is early. Anyway, over at SIS TV they are having a Project Catwalk challenge every Wednesday night based on that evenings Project Runway challenge. TONS of FUN!!! Below is my first weeks entry. Since the show was about creating an outfit from stuff you found in a grocery store, Big Sis gave us the challenge of using a list of items that the contestants had used in their designs. I used coffee filters (sprayed with Glimmer Mist) and balloons. The coffee filters are my flower and the balloons are the middle of my flower, the clouds and the stem of the flower. There were some great entries. I missed posting my second challenge entry due to the aformentioned computer issue. I'm glad because it was AWFUL. The challenge was to create a green card and use some kind of packaging like the cellophane that Thickers come wrapped in. There were more great entries! I'll share this weeks challenge with you later.

This was for the Book of Me prompt over at AllyScraps. We were challenged to do a layout based on our travels. Since I spent 2 summers studying art in Italy (and always am dreaming of going back) I thought the pic of rubbing the boars nose in the Mercato Nuovo in Florence was fitting. This photo was taken just over 10 years ago (and much more than 10 pounds ago!).

This was for a challenge over at TallyScrappers. Whomever posted below you got to tell you what to do on your layout. My recipe was: use a solid color background, use stamps, use 5 different patterened papers cut to these specifications: 2= 10" x 1", 2= 4" x 5", and 1= 1/2" x 4". This is Autumn, my kitty (well, one of 4). She's 15 now! I know she will live forever though! ;)


  1. I really like your work. Nice blog.

  2. Great layouts!!! I love the one of you!

  3. Girl you have been busy... I love these layouts!! I see you have been scrappin... I cant imagine you get it done on Friday nights... who has time to scrap then.. when there is other talk to be had... so you must be hiding out somewhere.