Sunday, August 17, 2008


So what a day yesterday was!
Madonna turned 50!
It was the anniversary of Elvis's death.
Michael Phelps became the first person to ever win 8 medals in one Olympic games.
All 8 of those medals were Gold.
7 of his wins were World Records!!!

What a day! I never really thought much about the 'where were you when history was happening' until September 11th happened. Now there are other historical events in life that I remember as well. Last night, watching that final race will be one of those times for me, and many others I am sure.

So here is my latest Project Runway inspired scrappy projects:
Week 5 entry for Project Catwalk. Since Brook Shields was on the show, and we all know that NOTHING comes between her and her Calvin's, we were challenged to make a wall hanging at least 4"x6" with denim as our main ingredient. At first I was thinking "NO WAY"! I didn't have a clue as to what to do. I'm not a huge altered person. But then I was leaving some gallery love on one of my boards and saw a wall hanging and it just came to me what to do. For once I was happy with my big butt because my pocket on the jeans was 6"x6"! I rather liked how it turned out in the end and it went together fairly easy also.

This was for Week 4 of Project Catwalk at SIS TV. We had to make a mini using Red, White & Blue as the predominant colors, incorporate 4 words from a list of 9-10, and the bonus product was the black and cream labels from Scenic Route. I had these pics printed already from last 4th of July and had wanted to make a mini out of the Scenic Route Liberty papers so this came together in about 4 hours which was shocking to me because I have NEVER done a mini that fast. Luckily, I also had this Maya Road album laying around from a past kit.

Front & Back Cover









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