Thursday, August 28, 2008


So one of my new obsessions is ATC's: Artist Trading Cards. I've been wanting to get into doing them for a while. I've liked what I have done so far but hope to get more advanced techniques going someday. Gotta start somewhere right? So here are a few I've done lately.

Harry Potter Swap. I picked Dumbledore. One of my fav things in the HP books is the Pensieve. I want one of my own. Something I can dump all my memories in and retrieve them when needed. I know that is called a memory and we are all born with one, some better than others, but this way I could take all the useless or bad memories and put them in a safe place until needed.

Important Date Swap. My important date is definitely my sobriety date, which just happens to be my stop smoking date also. It's also my cousin's birthday.

Favorite Movie Swap. My favorite movie is definitely White Christmas. My sister and I always watched this movie on Christmas Eve and we always loved to sing the 'Sisters' song. Such a glamorous time!!!

Summer Travel ATC swap. I took this picture in Florence in 1998. It was my second summer to spend in Italy studying art and art history.

This was for the "Going Postal" ATC swap. I made my cards look like vintage stamps.

Sex & the City: This was one of my favorite episodes. Carrie gets asked to model for Dolce & Gabbana and they give her UNDERWEAR to wear! Then of all things, she falls on the runway and Stanford says 'Oh My God! She's fashion roadkill'. LOL

My pet peeve (well one of them) is being able to hear people eat or smack their gum. Drives me crazy.