Monday, August 25, 2008

Lotsa Layouts

So this weekend I went to my first Creating Keepsakes Convention. I didn't take any classes. I'm all about the SHOPPING! I was a tad disappointed though. Not many manufacturer booths. But, I got some things I had been drooling over since CHA and left a happy girl. I rode down with 2 of the girls from my scrappy group and we meet up with 2 other carload of girls. So Friday night 8 ladies and a baby had a fun, delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I'm in love love love with their Luau Salad. YUM-MY! And of course we all had some cheesecake. I'm boring. My fav cheesecake is the plain with strawberries on top. Although, Lori had Coconut Cream cheesecake and it was divine, but I don't even think I could eat a whole piece of THAT! After that big dinner we needed to move around a bit so what better exercise than shopping! We drove out to Collinsville to a new scrap store called Croppinsville! How cute is that! They had some great items and a nice crop room if you are ever in the area.

Tonight I watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and I was again amazed. They really out did themselves and set the bar high for those that follow. The next summer Olympics will be in London in 4 years and Michael Phelps said he was going to continue to swim so it should be a good time once again. I loved what the brits did in the closing ceremony and look forward to seeing what they do in 4 years. I think it was one of the best Olympics I had seen in a while. I'm always moved by all those athlete's coming together to compete in peace. As one of the commentators said tonight if we can come together like that for 2 weeks then why can't we do it for a month or a year and longer? I wonder if we all had peace what we would strive for?

Enough ramblings. Lets get to the layouts!

Week 6 Project Runway entry. I LOVED the drag queen episode! RuPaul was the guest judge and I had just watched her on Tori & Dean also! I wasn't digging her wig on PR though, but JMHO. The challenge was to simplify things but have high impact. I had to do my BOM challenge for AllyScraps also which was to scrap about something you were proud of so I combined the two. I like it, but it is so not my usual style that sometimes I think it is just horrid. Can't decide. I AM proud about not smoking. More so than not drinking.

Now this was originally my PR week 6 entry but decided I could simplify even more. This photo probably has much more 'high impact' though. I really like the simplicity of it and it took no time to make. That's my cousins oldest daughter Emerson. Isn't she beautiful! She is always chewing on her hair. Auntie Susan is TRYING to get her to twirl her hair instead. Not so hard on the ends as chewing. lol

This was my entry for week 3 of Project Runway at SIS TV. We were suppose to do a page about our scrapping style and who we were as a scrapper. Used some of my fav manufacturers and stuff: Glitz, Elsie, lace cs, HS, Junkitz and Core'dinations combined with my fav colors of Cerulean blue, Red, Hot Pink, Black and White and some silly pics of me from NSD 2008. I've always had a love for animal prints too along with skullies and cheeries.

Remember all that doodling you used to do in class down the side of your notebooks when you were suppose to be paying attention in class? Well, that was my inspiration for this doodle challenge. I thought 'why not doodle the whole thing' and that is what I did. It was so much FUN!!! Now all my friends want one! lol I've actually already done another but I'll show it to you later. I just finished it tonight and haven't scanned it yet. This was a challenge over at Tallyscrappers.

My Crack: I love me some Coca~Cola or Dr. Pepper. I quit once and then started back again. Wish I hadn't. It's hard to stop again. I try not to buy it for home now which helps. This was for a Gutter Girlz challenge that I didn't get in on time. I had fun playing with that magic mesh and it is self-adhesive.

So that's it. I've got some ATC's to post later and my Tally Olympics layouts so check back!


  1. You know what I love about this blog entry? I LOVE that it has so many layouts that are completely different styles, yet each style captures a facet of your creativity. MY facorite is the Coke one, but kudos on the great work, Susan!

  2. Love your new layouts! I'm a Coke addict myself! Maybe I'll try what you said and not buy it for home...I'm really not sure that I could last more than a day!

  3. Loved looking through the new stuff! I am sorry I have not had time to come by lately. DH made me get a job. So to get back at him I got 2 and I have been working everyday since then. lol. That will teach him!! {just kidding} It is fun just busy.