Monday, August 4, 2008


So I spent the entire weekend reading pretty much and sleeping little. I literally could NOT put the book down. There was something going on ALL the time and I had to know how it turned out. I know some people read the book by Saturday. I'm not that fast of a reader. I've never read a book a second time but I think I will go back and read these again so I can remember more of them. I've always wanted to do that with the Harry Potter books also. So now that I am done with the book I'm a little sad today. She definately wrapped up all the lose ends for me and I feel closure, but I would be happy if she just continued writing about them. lol Guess I will just have to wait for "Midnight Sun" to come out!!! Oh how I love losing myself in a book, but I really hate it when I enter the mourning phase.

Anyway, I'll quit babbling on about the ending of my fantasy romance and show you last weeks entry for Project Catwalk at SIS. The challenge was to do a layout about our scrap style, who we were as a scrapbooker. I had the perfect picture (after a little cropping and editing ;) ) and picked my fav. bright colors and of course some wild pattern thrown in for good measure. This layout came together really fast amazingly. Used some fun embellies from a few companies I love and below is the final project.

So I have ATC's that I MUST finish up and get in the mail so that is what I will be working on tonight. Have a great Monday!

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  1. I love the layout chick... and you look great in them... you have no need to edit my love!! I love your slideshow too!! Your such a fun girl. Hey you'll have to tell me about these Stephanie Meyer books... I really don't get it... so lets talk soon!!