Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it sleet, Let it sleet, Let it sleet.

Yep, we are covered in sleet down here in my little slice of Kansas. Normally, this would make me happy, and it does a bit if it STAYS! I like to be 'snowed' in, as long as there is food and electricity. But I have LOTS of transcription to do this week. I also haven't put up the Christmas tree yet and I promised I would do that tomorrow which means the scrappy stuff gets to be hauled upstairs too. Why, OH WHY, do I not have any servants???

So it seems I've been having lots of blog readers lately. Google is sending them to me thanks to my post-Twilight depression. I find this funny. I mean, so are they searching for Twilight and my blog post comes up? Strange, this world of internet connections. Maybe they are depressed too and are looking for friends. Wish more of them would leave me a nice little comment then. Only anonymous people so far. Anonymous depressed Twilight-watching-reading girls. Hmmm...

So the new Ad This challenge will be up in a few hours and this is my lo I did from this weeks inspiration. It's not really blue but I had to back it in order to scan the transparency. The white butterfly wasn't lookin' to hot against the white of my scanner.

So transcription hell is calling. My only saving grace is the moolah this puts in my pocket and the plane ticket to see Kary it buys :D THAT makes me happy!

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