Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So are you broke

after Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I only bought one gift this weekend and it was for MYSELF! LOL Hard to imagine I'm sure. But it was on sale and I have been wanting one for a WHILE now. So what did I buy you might ask. Well, of course it was a scrappy tool! A new Cuttlebug and a couple of dies. Ok, maybe a teensy bit more than a couple. ;) It should be arriving at my door any day now and NO, I won't be waiting til Christmas to use it! I do NOT have that kind of willpower.

This weeks ad is up at Ad This. Here is my interpretation of the ad. Over at Tallyscrappers one of the challenges for the last online crop was to ask a child some questions about Christmas. I immediately thought of my cousin's girls. This is the youngest one below, Maddy, who is 3 1/2 now. I really love what she said they leave Santa and his Riendeers. What a hoot.

What is your favorite Christmas story to read?
Elf on the Shelf
Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?
No Way
How old do you think Santa is?
Do you have a Star or Angel on the top of the tree? Or something else?
How long do you think it takes Santa to deliver all the presents?
1 Second
What do you leave out for Santa & his riendeers? And is it homemade or store bought?
What is your favorite ornament on your Christmas tree?
The one with my name on it.

So are you done with your shopping? Or, are you just starting like me? I know what I need to buy which is usually most of the battle. I just need to go out and get it. Think it's going to require a trip OUT of Independence.

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