Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 2 Photos

I've been a picture taking fool lately! I'm even using it to get myself out of the house & WALKING! This in itself is a small miracle. The weather has been really lovely lately & flowers are blooming & birds are chirping & the sun is shining & the wind has settle down to a little breeze finally. I promised myself I'd start walking today for exercise & the taking of pictures made that much more enjoyable.
What I love about these kinds of classes is they start me looking at the world a little different than before. I've long looked at things as that would make a great photo and now I'm actually being the one to take those photos. Even it is with my cheapo point & shoot camera. So here is this past weeks assignments. I'll share some more photos later this week as I edit them. Yeah, all those photos need to be EDITED. UGH!  :)


Chores (the glass in the cabinet where the glasses go)

Catching Light
And that's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some scrappy goodness from A Scrappy Design.


  1. Great photos!!! I love that all the bright spring green you captured. :)

  2. Really wonderful photos! and now I have a craving for cupcakes and spring weather :)

  3. such beautiful photos!!! Love your nana and the hearts.. and the dew.. heck, all of them rock!!

  4. Wow, fantastic pics girl! Love the one of Nana,and the cupcakes and the glass and just all of them!

  5. Hey girly! Pretty pics! Love the one of Nana! We have been out and about taking pics too. Love it!


  6. School is going well! I am over it. LOL I am taking a class in the summer,5 in the spring and then I have 7 until I graduate! I am ready for summer and the kids out of school. The flower on my blog is actually one of my flowers I took a pic of. How is all with you? How is Nana?