Monday, April 19, 2010

A Day of Rememberance

15 years ago today I stood in Pepper's Grill at Utica Square in Tulsa, Ok prepping for the lunch rush as I watched terror unfold a short 2 hours away. I will never forget this day. At the time I'd never seen such events unfold on American soil & it was definitely the closes I've ever been to it. That was a Wednesday & the following Sunday morning of the early hours I stood a few blocks away from the destruction and the smell of death. I don't think I'd ever given much thought to a word that is now a regular part of our vocabulary: terrorism. Alison was teaching in Indonesia at the time and I was in my second semester of school at the University of Tulsa and life was all about fun & partying and having a good time. Not about bombings & fugitives & violence against our own. I know people who volunteered down there although I know no one who died that day. I hope to make it thru OKC before I move west in order to see the beautiful memorial built in the victims honor. My heart still goes out to those that lost loved ones and those affected by this awful day.

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  1. I remember that day too - I was at work when we learned of it. My heart goes out to those who were affected that day also.