Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm the Taxman

Ok I'm not REALLY the taxman but since it's tax day in the great US of A I've had that song in my head ALL DAY so I'd thought I'd share it with you! lol Are you singing it now too? You will be soon. Just wait.  It's also Gutter Girlz day and Erosion Bundle day so I've got some pics for you.

First of all though I want to talk about this great post over at Creative Every Day's blog by Kat Sloma.  CED's theme for the month is on the senses so Kat asked these questions of the readers today and I wanted to answer them here as they are questions I've pondered upon occasion myself.

1. What's your favorite sense? By this question, I don't mean the most useful sense to get around in day to day life. But the one that you feel like in your gut that you just can't live without. This probably ties in to your "soul language."  

This is pretty easy for me because it would have to be sight. Being an aritst and happiest when creating my sight is definitely important to me. Also I love to read & can't imagine not being able to. A close second for me would be touch. I'm the bad girl at the museum who wants to touch the art.

2. What's your least favorite sense? What's the one you would give up without thinking too much about it? Why?

I think the answer to this question would have to be smell. My allergies are awful and already cause me some smell issues so while smell is so linked to memories if I never had to smell anything stinky again I'd be happy. lol

Ok that being said I wouldn't want to lose any sense. The senses are what makes our world interesting & I know with the loss of one the others become more distinct.  I'd love to hear your answers to this question so leave me a link if you answer them on your blog or feel free to leave me a comment with your answers!   

This months Gutter Girlz challenge is based on one of my old fav songs from Concrete Blonde, Everybody Knows. This song brings back so many memories for me. The title also had some significant meaning as it goes along with some things in the big book. Hop on over there & check out what the other girls did.

Today is also the day to take down the Erosion Bundles but since I put mine up late I'm leaving it up a little longer. I'll take it down around the first of May but I snapped a couple of updates shots of it. I almost hate to take it out of this lovely ivy that is growing all around it doing lovely things to the inside contents I'm sure!

It's suppose to rain this weekend so it'll get at least one more good soaking. Hope you're enjoying the spring weather!


  1. I loved hearing your answers to these questions! I hope we hear more from others!

  2. Agree on your answers. While there are books on tape, I can't imagine not being able to read. Excited to see how your bundles turn out! Nice layout!