Friday, November 21, 2008

In need of a nappy!

So I'm tired today. Even though I slept in until noon. Of course I was up until 4! But I'm sure you could care less about THAT!

So the movie: LOVED it! I do have some critique's (of course!) but overall I thought they did a great job. They rearranged some events and left out some things that I think are important to the following movies, if those happen, but they did allude to trouble to come. Alice was EXACTLY like I thought she would be! The scenery was gorgeous. I REALLY want to visit that part of the country now but I have for a long time so that is nothing new. Rosalie and Emmett also acted just like I thought they did in the book. OMG! The way they made his skin shine in sunlight was AMAZING!!! Even better than my own imagination conjured. And they baseball game was great too. LOVED LOVED LOVED the prom. So magical.

So my dislikes are pretty small: I'm disappointed in Edwards portrayal. I thought they didn't show enough of his softer fun side. Of them really falling in love and not just obsessed with each other. Not sure if it is the actor or the editing. I also didn't like how Jasper looked like he was freaking out ALL the time. The look on his face was just too stiff and robot like. I also thought at times that Edwards makeup look awful as did Carlisle's and Jasper's.

So that is it. Other than that I really did like it and will probably be seeing it again on Sunday! lol

So I'd love to hear what you thought about the movie so leave me a comment!!!

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  1. Ok.... Yeah I am goin tomorrow!:(
    Hubby wasn't up to goin tonight by the time he got home around 730pm. SO I have decided come H*%l or high water I am goin by myself! LOL

    Glad you liked it:) And you didn't give anything away for me:) I too was concerned I might not like the characters they picked, because I already had envisioned how they would be in my head. We shall see, I will check in with ya tomorrow and let ya know what I think:)
    So are ya cyber croppin this weekend?