Saturday, November 22, 2008

Post Twilight Depression

Ok, I'm crazy. I know this.
But this happened after the books too.
I'm depressed.
Sad really.
After I see Edward I miss him.
I miss them all really.
Now why in the hell can't I have my own hot vampire to while away the hours with???
Yes, I probably need to get a life, huh?

Yeah, still depressed.


  1. I totally understand. I was freaking out because I thought I was the only one. After reading the books all I do is cry. Every emo love song reminds me of Bella and Edward. I swear I can't listen to Muse or Blue October without breaking down. Reading Midnight Sun and seeing the movie helped a little, but I still think about it. I think it's because we get so attached to the characters after getting to know them through the books. Maybe reading another series might help.

  2. my words exactly, i was so sad when it all ended! i am so attached to bella and especially edward, even though the ending was really sweet i dont understand why im not happy for them!

  3. I am so glad it's not just me. I loved the books and movie so much. I'm so depressed now. It's like the Twilight world is so much better than my own. I know how crazy and pathetic that sounds, but I just am having a really hard time coming back down to reality. How can I get over this?

  4. I feel the same way. I cry myself to sleep at night, thinking that there's no magic in the world. Perfect people like Edward don't exist. I'll never find anyone that I'm truly in love with, like I am with Edward. It's terrible.

  5. i'm with you sister.
    i find myself not really here. my mind is always some other place, in Forks, thinking about what the Cullens are doing.
    i'm starting to wonder if stephanie meyer actually put a SPELL on the books!

    i really want to see more cullen character development. she has got such a big oppotunity here, for stories that still involve edward and bella, but aren't focused on them entirely.
    i'll be really disappointed if she doesn't realise that.

  6. i tottaly get u,
    i couldnt put the books down, i felt sad, like when edward broke up with bella i cried. i felt her pain.
    now im sad.
    its because we want what they have, but its all in our imagination.

  7. I'm 37 and these books have affected me so so so badly! Seriously, I'm depressed just like you guys...and I'm almost ruining my marriage over it. Not intentionally, but I'm just so damn sad!!!

  8. OMG!! Thank God I'm not the only one. I've been depress for days and all I can think of is Twilight. Why can't I have an Ewdward too? What's the point then? Like someone said before, I can't listen to music without thinking of Bella and Edward. My mind always seems to be there in Forks and I feel like I'm losing my mind being depress with an empty feeling stuck inside of me.

  9. Ugh, me too. I'm also so, so glad I'm not alone. My boyfriend thinks I'm totally crazy. I'm also glad I'm not the only person over 25 who feels like this.
    Will it get better? What have you done to feel better? Life seems so pathetic and boring now, everything that I used to really like just feels empty. And my boyfriend can never even come close to Edward (ahh even his name gives me butterflies). C'mon, any advice would be so awesome...

  10. I am SOOO glad/sad that I am not the only one who feels this way. I am a 22-yr old student with NO life outside of school. I (like every other girl) feel like I can relate to Bella so much and even her physical description sounds just like me. I got so into twilight (I am even considering moving to the northwest because of the scenery described in the book). Because of all this, I am so involved in the series and its really messing with my head. I don't know how to pull myself out of this and realize that *it's only a fictional story* but there's this part of me that believes that magic this exciting SHOULD exist in the world. I mean, not necessarily with blood-sucking vampires, but that this sort of passion should exist everywhere. It seems like nobody relates to each other this passionately anymore and we save all of our emotions to share behind computer screens. Not to go off on a tangent, but i'm really depressed after this and I don't know what to do :( any and all tips welcome.

  11. you are lucky ,at least you are wemen and have someone to talk about this,im a man of 26 and right now i feel in my 90s(not edward years ,by the way)im so so so so depressed and i cant speak with my frends about it for ovious reasons (im a man,man dont read twilight),im in love with all twilights world.covens,
    real eternal love ,printing!,for god sake ,even been a werewolf sounds bether than been human

    Do you think you are miserble for not finding any edward?
    I CANT FIND ANY BELLA!!!! (and she is human, dam)
    If i could be as insanely in love with someone ,the way edward loves bella ,i could die happy.
    but i start to belive theres not such love in this universe.

    maybe next life
    (that wasnt an optimistic line by the by)

    (mmm no other book saga will help you ,i already tried)

  12. It's so nice to read that other people feel like this too (I'm 30 by the way and have a PhD and a great boyfriend with a great loving relationship - no one is immune)! I think it is just a case though of drumming it in to ourselves that it is just fiction. It's not real and it's not how real life works and the reason we feel depressed is because it all sounds so much better than real life! For one Bella and Edward don't have to work for a living - and they get to hang out together doing cool stuff all the time! I'm glad I'm a bit older...I think it's a bit easier to be more realistic. I think it would have been harder if I was still a teen, so I really feel for you guys.

  13. I can't believe the comments. I am 46 years old and totally morose. I actually contempated not finishing the series because I am so depressed by what I now perceive to be a bleak, bleak future. People, I am 46 years old, married with two wonderful children! I run my own law firm! My 15 year old loved the books and did not have the same reaction. Of course she didn't - she has her whole life ahead of her and has hope for the future. What does a 46 year old woman really have hope for? And I know that this is ridiculous fiction, so why has it affected me so????

  14. I am sooo glad I am not the only one feeling this way! I am 34 with two wonderful kids, a great husband and great career - and I am depressed!! I finished the series about a week ago (took me a week to read the whole series) and I have the same "bleak" outlook. I miss them....all! I have found myself re-reading some of my favorite parts of the books...I even read Midnight sun! This is crazy! I would never admit this to anyone because I am embarrased. I mean how retarted would I sound telling someone that I am depressed because of a 17 year -old vampire that is totally hot, sexy, perfect and fictional?!? I am starting to feel a little better and I am hoping with time I will be back to "normal." I haven't seen the movie and cannot wait to get it on DVD this weekend. I wonder if this will only make matters worse? My poor husband....he has no clue that my moodiness is the result of a book! Good job Stephanie!!

  15. I never even read the books, I avoided them thinking they would be too Harry Potter-ish. A friend dragged me to the movie, and now I am totally depressed. I think about it all the time. I am engaged, and this movie makes me question everything, which is just ridiculous! I wish I never saw it. I wish I knew what was wrong with me. I know it's completely fiction and could never happen, but I just feel so sad about everything that used to make me happy.

  16. Like so many others, I'm glad I'm not alone. I've read other series that I totally got into, but none have left me feeling so...despondent. I'm 49 years old!!! A book shouldn't make me feel like this! I will never have an Edward, or any man even close. How did Stephanie Meyers do this? How did she make us so into their lives. I joke with my friends about my obession, but they don't know how I really feel. I just want to give up on real life. I've read the series twice and know the movie practically by heart. I made myself stay away from the books and movie for a few days and I did feel better. Maybe I'll just have to not pick them up again. Thanks everyone for sharing. I'm so thankful there are others feeling like I do. It helps.

  17. I'm so thankful to all of you for your comments. I'm 49 years old and I shouldn't feel like this about a book!! I've been really into other series before, but nothing, nothing like this. How did Stephanie Meyers do it? How did she make us care so much about these people? It makes me just want to quit real life, everything 'normal' makes me so sad now. I will never, ever have an Edward or any man even remotely close. Maybe we should start a cult, live in a compound and only talk about the books and movie.... Seriously, thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one.

  18. Hello,

    It's comforting to read other people are having the same issue as me.
    I am male and 24 and just like somebody else has said, I can't really share my feelings (until now) with anyone, because I will feel like a fool.

    I really do love all the characters, I really want to find somebody I have the same connections with as Bella and Edward do, I have just ended my relationship with my girlfriend and I don't know if it was the book that made me realise I don't love her like I should.

    I can't get the book out of my head, I sit there sometimes talking to myself in my head as if I am writting the script for the book... part of me wants to forget, but the other part of me wants to remember so I can search for a relationship like they have.

  19. YESS!! finally other people who have Twi-pression! I've gone through this before so im shocked by my feelings. I read the whole series last fall and felt TOTALLY depressed. i would just lay in bed and re-read the books. it was TERRIBLE! but then i FORCED muself to stop reading them, stop looking at interviews, i didn't even want to re-read midnight sun (which is awesome BTW). After a while, i got over it. SERIOUSLY! by distancing yourself for a bit, you move, you find better books to read. I was thrilled when I found books to get me out of my sadness. Also, Stephenie's THE HOST is really good.

    Unfortunately, I just started reading them again after like 6 months and I'm sad again! at least this time around, i know that I WILL get over the books, i just need to distance myself again.

    i agree with the comment that stephenie put a spell on the books lol

  20. i havent finished the book twilight yet. I wish i never watched the film because i feel as if my life is horrible and boring even MORE now. i am trying not to read too much of the book at once cos i read up to page 191 in a day....i want to read it though i dont....but then i dooo!!! im 11 years old. who feels as if shes ugly.... shes like overweight....

    i just feel as if twilight is a better life than mine and i wish it was me who had a gorgeous boyfriend (maybe as a vampire.)

  21. I am 30 years old and I just watched the movie Twilight a few weeks ago. I have since bought the movie, watched it a million times, the soundtrack, and the whole book saga and read them all. Obsessed much!Anyway I am so depressed. I find myself listening to the sound track and crying or just realizing that my love for my husband isn't as strong as it should be. I was just married 5 months ago. Ughhh! I was starting to think I was crazy for feeling this way, but I just love Edward and Bella's relationship. I find myself wishing I had 1/2 the passion they expereince in the story........

  22. I was one of those who watched the movie first not knowing of this phenominom. I wanted to know what happened next, so I got the books and finished all 4 in 7 days! I have watched the movie countless times and now have read the books twice not wanting it to end. I am 32, married with 2 kids and it hit me today that all my sadness and random outbreaks of crying might be a "depression". More importantly that it was related to Twilight- my addiction. It seems that there are others who can't express themselves to their friends and spouses either. My husband swears he is going to trash my books... Is Stephenie going to finish the Midnight Sun manuscript?? Is there really going to be another series with Edwards perspective?? That would give me something to hold onto... thanks!

  23. I'm 29 and married with no children. I'm a educated young woman and cannot understand the impact the book has made on me. I finished Breaking Dawn on Sunday and after reading it I felt like a piece of my heart was left on the last page. I can't eat and it's such a hopeless feeling. I think it's because we were so involved in the everyday life of ALL characters. It sculpted in my life and I keep telling myself it's fiction. This is crazy!

  24. I feel miserable and depressed to.
    I cant get out of bed anymore without feeling sad, and alone. Even when my sweet boyfriend and friends are around me everyday.
    I am in real pain when I think i will get really old some day, and that daily life is simple with nothing happening, i dont know what to do..
    Each time i think of it i burst in tears..

  25. I'm having this problem too! I guess it's comforting to hear all of you are feeling the same; it's also very sad! What kind of voodoo magic did stephanie put on that book! I'm in my 30's but I had an Edward when I was around Bella's age. It was amazing. So innocent too. The feelings she decribes bring me back to that time in my life. I can remember how fast the time with him went and how swept away I was by his beauty. I'm married now. I don't regret that my Edward didn't work out. I know it's not possible that would have lasted in real life as it did in that book b/c after all we're all human and Edward is not! ha! But still the books got me b/c what if it could be that good!

  26. I HAD twilight depression but am glad to report, it has now gone. I'm in my early 30s and have a wonderful partner of 10 years. I got depressed and felt very detached from him and the rest of the world after reading the books. It took me a while to realised it was the books that made me feel that way, I read the whole 4 series in less than a week, had bags under my eyes and didn't eat for a few days. Anyway, I am happy to report that you do get over the depression once you come to appreciate (so long as you're in a reasonabilly good relationship i think)the good things you already do have in life. I realised my partner is pretty perfect for a HUMAN. Plus I tried watching scarry vampire movies where they didn't all look so beautiful, that really helps too. I still read the books from time to time, and it still brings a little smile on my face and it feels like the twilight thing will always hold a special place in my heart and I want this to be a good thing. BUT I don't get depressed by it anymore, it just lives somewhere in the corner of my imagination or memory and there it stays, saved for a rainy day.

  27. So it's so nice to hear from so many different people who all had the same depressive phase afterwards. I just watched the movie again the other night and was fine. I want to read the books again but not sure I want to give it the emotional energy. KWIM? But I will reread them and soon. I need my own copies. I borrowed them from a friend the first time. Anyway, I just kept reading. That's how I got over my depression. It did last a few days but then I had to move on and live in the here and now. I'm a recovering alcoholic/addict so I'm always struggling with living in the present. Not the past or future or my imagination. I know I really want love like that, but I wonder if it only exist in books. I don't know. But thanks to all of you that have left comments and any of you that might in the future. Just give it a few days and keep reading and your life will return to normal, whatever that is for you.

  28. OMG!!!!!!!
    I can't believe it.
    I have been so depressed too. I have been thinking words like: insignificant, hopeless, useless, pointless, etc etc. It started after the first book and pretty much went downhill from there. BTW im a 32y old happily married mother of three boys.
    I have been with hubby for about 15 years and he said hes never seen me like this. He was really worried , he even considered all of us moving!!!! He was really good and started saying Edward stuff to me though he didnt realise it like: I cant concertrate at work today thinking about you, i havent been able to sleep worried about you.
    So that DID help.
    But the most help was reading all of your comments. ITS NOT ME, ITS NOT MY LIFE. Its the story. I took the soundtrack out of the player and put it away and put something more boppy on. I feel so much better. I really thought Iwas going crazy. I would have the movie on while reading and had the soundtrack going too!!!And was dreaming about him. I think now I can get back to reality(Better warn my girlfriend as I just gave her the last two books to read. She said shes been moody too!)

  29. I really am out of luck

    I am a 21 year old MALE.

    I really do not have any clue what there books have done to me. I am not sleeping, eating, and are having sweeping feelings of extereme depression. I cannot release these feelings to my friends or family in light of being mocked and laughed at.

    I am seriously thinking of going and seeing a therapist for these feelings. I read the series in about two weeks, trying to pace myself once i realized how truly amazing these books are.

    And then the depression hit.

    I realized that NOTHING i do in my lifetime can ever bring me the same joy and grace that Edward feels for Bella and his Family. I didnt realize that there were other people that felt the same way, more or less.

    I just really need someones advice of HOW to get over these books. I am really afraid that there must really be something wrong with me, and the fact that i do not have anyone to confide in makes matters 10x worse.
    Any help would be greatly Appreciated.

  30. You have no idea how happy I am to hear that I'm not alone in these feelings. I just read all four books in five days. In those five days I could think of nothing else. Life just seems so dull and without color after finishing the books. Is it crazy to feel like I'm in love with Edward? I break out in crying spells as well and find my mind drifting off at work. I can't tell my husband because he'll just think I'm wierd. I'm glad I found a place where I can write about it.

  31. I know I'm just repeating what others have said, but I really did think I was the only one who got so emotionally involved in the saga. The movie doesn't affect me as much as the books. For some reason everytime I read the books i get really sad. I lose my appetite, start to rethink my relationship with my bf (somehow it seems insignificant compared to Edward and Bella's) and I just cant stop thinking about the story. It's amazing how the book makes you feel for the characters. I read "The Host" and while I felt a connection to the characters in that book, it wasn't nearly as strong as with the Twilight series. I know its silly because the Cullens do not exist but I can't seem to help it. Its pretty sad that an adult would feel this way.

  32. I'm a 30 year old man and I am very sensitive...I've had this experience with other things but never like this...I think part of it stems from growing up in a city and never being very popular. I already have a beautiful wife with a "twilight" like connection...but I still yearn for the small town atmosphere...being on the east coast and thinking about 2 financially comfortable, popular, incredibly in love teenagers who have the potential to spend eternity together without even sleeping or having a job in a gorgeous Olympic peninsula town...well that just makes reality ..."suck." I am actually depressed that in the story they will have immortality...I know thta someday my wife and I will grow old and beautiful as our relationship is it can never be what the movie is because it will eventually end. All I have to hope on is heaven...and that seems like more and more of a "hope" and less a reality each day I get older.

  33. How amazing that someone's work can have such an impact on so many people. Im a 28 year old male who thought he was going insane after reading Twilight. I just couldn't put the book down but the heavy depressed feeling it left made me start to think I was loosing my mind. The feeling that my life will never have the same passion and excitement that Edward and Bella's does. Its crazy to even think this... but I can't help it. Ive just started New Moon and this has just made me feel worse but still I can't put the book down. How crazy it is to want to be a character in a book so much it makes you feel sick. Thanks so much to everyone above for sharing their thoughts as I no longer feel so crazy!

  34. Wow thanks. At least I know I am not alone in the nightmare of post twilight blues. I am a 40 year old happily married woman who suddely feels very low and sad with my lot. I am looking forward to feeling better as some of you have stated in a bit. Cannot wait for the New Moon film in some ways. Just hope this crushing felling does not return.. Thanks everyone for your honesty

  35. I am crying right now cuz i saw all the comments. i always cry myself to bed cuz i keep thinking of twilight. someday i wish to find a great and hot guy like Edward. I haven't red the books yet cuz im afraid i might die from sadness lol. I after i read all the comments i wanted to cry cuz i felt sad. i can't help it i need a friend...plz call me sometime 9499224942...we can always talk about it. And i feel sad all the time i cant help it. When the movie came out i didnt understood why people were so obsessed with it...until i saw it and now i cant go back to reality and need a friend to talk to :( plz call anytime. THANK GODD i thought i was THE only one. i dont like to go out and i feel even more sad when i think of Robert and that i dont have a bf or a best friend anymore. Cuz my old BFF dumped me. THANK YOU

  36. I can only reiterate the relief that others have confessed over the whole 'Twi-pression' thing.
    I'm a 32yr old mother of three who, upon completion of the saga, felt (and still do) so depressed, low, confused and sad ... not at the fact that Edward is perfect and so I must have him, but of the relationship he and Bella share.
    The kind of love that we all should have, where we are wholly devoted to that person with such passion that it consumes us (to a point lol).

    I feel that at my age, not only should I know better than to fawn over fictional characters, but I shouldn't have such unrealistic expectations about love - or should I? Are they really unrealistic?
    I just feel so down over the whole thing..

  37. I have an idea, it seems like a good one... so bare with me I know its long but please read it.

    I feel like that too, after I read a really good series I always get depressed. But its never been this bad before, I hate Meyer for that... but I love her too. I read the whole series in 5 days. I have 6 pages left to read in Breaking Dawn, but I dont want to read them because I dont want it to end. Im planning on reading the last 5 pages in about 20 minutes though. Meyer has so much potential with this series. Why dosent she keep it going? Dosent she want to have more fans, dosent she want to surpass the harry potter series? I just wish I could be in the twilight universe again, reading new plots...(i hate re-reading books).

    So I have an idea, im not a good writer myslef, but there are good writers out there. So why dont we keep twilight going? No publishers, none of that.

    Just people who love the twilight series, are creative, have good writing skills, and are actually serious about this. If any of you reading this actually meet those requirements... then PLEASE, keep twilight going. Write stories with bella and edward, even short stories. Meyer has provided the foundation, so all you need is a little imagination, and writing skills. CONTINUE TWILIGHT, write new stories and plot threads... and POST THEM ON THE INTERNET!!!

    Let everyone in this post twilight depression get some happiness out of reading all your stories... so write them!!! post them!!! Let us all be able to dive back into the wonderful world Meyer created. If Meyer wont continue the saga, then we will.

    If any of you decide to do this, and need help getting the stories out there, or would just like to share them with me, then please email me...

  38. Wow, I had no idea so many people felt this way..... I think most of my feelings have been mentioned by all of you. I too am shocked any book can have such an impact (and I love to read) on so many lives.

    I am in my thirties, happily married (for more than 10 years) and a nice job. Pretty good life really, and happy about it most of the time. But after finishing the books (5 days straight) I feel so incredibly empty that suddenly I start to question everything in my life and relationship. My husband doesn't know what is happening and says all the right things, some sentences wouldn't have been out of place in the books themselves! So I seem to have the perfect guy already, why does is feel so wrong then....?

    Reading all these stories here really helped me put things in perspective. I have just started reading Twilight again with the intention to read all 4 for the third time in a row. But I think i will force myself to first read another book (the Host maybe..?) and see if it makes a difference in a few days.

    Good luck everyone.

  39. Thanks everyone. Good to see I'm not the only guy suffering this weird longing for the twilight universe.

    For the record: I'm 28, been with my wife for 10 years (married for 4). No kids yet. Saw the movie before I read the books. Read the books in a week, including a few days off work faking gastro. Today is my first day back at work (finished Breaking Dawn yesterday arvo), getting virtually no work done while I'm trying to process these feelings.

    The bits in the series that I love - after some careful self-evaluation between bouts of almost overwhelming depression - are not the characters themselves, but rather:
    - their 'universe'... everything about the Cullen's lifestyle makes it seem almost as if that's kind of what the human afterlife should be like; incredibly deep family relationships, no financial burdens, immortality (therefore there's no sickness or frailty and all the time in the world to do anything you desire), etc. The temporary pain that is the process of changing from human to vamp, and the thirst, seem almost like a small price to pay. It seems like a viable afterlife sometimes, especially seeing as it would circumvent the whole human 'death' issue we all face. It is a universe that is the same yet so much better than what most of us currently experience. We long for it, but now we don't seem to know why... I mean, if you say out loud "I want to become a vampire" it just sounds so silly!
    - their love. I love my wife, yet the bonds and relationships between the characters (not just bella + edward) are such a rare and meaningful thing, which - as hard as it is to say - almost makes the love I share with my wife pale in comparison.

    Its just such a good story. I remember telling my wife while I was reading the first chapters of Twilight that "it's not the romance that I like, its just the great story telling". I have to remind myself of that sentiment almost constantly at the moment.

    And that's how I'm dealing with the depression: I'm trying to think objectively about the books as much as possible. It's just a good story, which happens to contain many qualities that most of us normal people desire. Requited love, time with our loved ones, freedom from virtually every constraint.

    Part of the problem I think is that I was expecting a good amount of escapism (I normally read fantasy/sci-fi), however I wasn't expecting such an emotional hit. This is the first romance series I've ever read, and I'm not entirely sure if I should read any more - at least not until I learn how to get this unexpected depression dealt with, hopefully learning to avoid it next time!

    Kudos for the group therapy everyone, especially the other males that had the guts to speak up ;)

  40. I too know how you all feel and was really happy to find this page with all your wonderful insight. I am 23 years old (female) with a wonderful husband and beautiful 8 month old son. I am also a full time student and find it extremely hard to concentrate on my schoolwork when I still have more to read. I started Twilight on this past Monday (6/15) and am currently on book 3-Eclipse. I found New Moon extremely hard to get through since Edward was not around for half of it, but I persisted and it did indeed get better. Although I woudln't say I am completely depressed by it I do find myself getting much more involved with these books than I ever remember getting with any other series. It is sad to think that what they have just does not exist in the real world, nor do vampires and werewolves who are extremely HOT and yet not evil exist. The truth is vampires and werewolves (good or evil) just do NOT exist...superstitious or not. This is the kind of love is meant for fairytales. Imagine how all the readers during Shakespeare's time felt after reading Romeo & Juliet? This is after all a sort of spin on that it not?? The thing to remember is that once all the movies are out and some time has gone by we will all get over this and move on with just the memory of how wonderful this series really was.

    And then we will read them again... :)

    Just wait until Midnight Sun is printed and out on bookstore shelves. Those of us who have finally gotten over the initial slump after finishing the series will be jolted back into it when we read the first book from Edward's point of view. And if Stephanie Meyer continues thinking of things in Edward's point of view it wouldn't surprise me if she came out with a version of New Moon from his how insanely good, yet heart-breaking would that be? Now we have 3 more movies to hope for and the emotions will continue to rise to the surface everytime we remember what we have read...or should I say "lived" in our imaginations?

    Reality will unavoidably hit and eventually not seem so bad. For those of you who are young and single don't give up hope and try not to compare every guy to Edward or every girl to Bella! The rest of us married folk...just remember why you married that person in the first place. Maybe he wasn't a good, perfect vampire or she wasn't a complex "girl-next-door" kind of girl but it was something that had you head-over-heels right??

    Most importantly, never forget that LIFE, no matter how boring it may seem after reading these intense, wonderfully romantic and suspensul totally worth living anyway!

  41. jeje LOOK AT THIS

    i know you will hate me but tis is so funny t will help with your depression

  42. Thank you everyone for making me feel LESS crazy for feeling this way!!!!

  43. Wow! I'm a 30 year old mum, with a great teaching job. I've just read all four books (in less than a week), and in between I watched the movie.

    I'm totally floored by the extreme depression I'm feeling right now. I sit and cry as I type this, knowing that it's all fiction - a story. The depth of my sadness is so irrational, yet I can't seem to make it shift. It's only been 3 days since I finished 'Breaking Dawn' - and instead of getting better, it's getting worse.

    The past week has been pretty intense - meeting and getting to know these amazing characters. I fell instantly in love with both Edward & Bella. I also love all the characters - Alice especially! - in their own ways.

    I let them become a part of me, and now that I've finished reading - I feel like there is a huge hole left in their place.

    I've found 'Midnight Sun' - and am gutted that this project has been put on hold. I have the part of the story Meyer posted on her website, ready to read at any moment - unsure whether I should do it to myself. I'm dying to hear Edwards story ....

    I've been thinking about re-reading the series, even before I finished it. Will it make it easier - knowing they're always going to be there, on my bookshelf. Or am I headed for more heartache?

    I guess only time will tell ....

  44. I think rereading the books is helping it get out of my system. The second time around I am appreciating them more as books rather than a personal investment. The good thing is it has made me stop to notice the good things in my life and forced me to try to change the bad. What a great series to make us all feel so deeply! A little crazy but still great.

  45. I am going to repeat what everyone else has been saying.. I am SO glad I am not alone! I was starting to think that something was seriously wrong with me! I am 26 and a newlywed, I've only been married 3 months!! I saw the movie before my wedding & knew I wanted to read the books, but just started about 3 weeks ago, I read every book and finished Breaking Dawn just last night. As soon as I finished the book and closed it, I felt crushed! I've been dreaming about the characters and daydreaming about it. I think it's because the Twilight world is so much better than my own! I am about to get laid of at work, and it's depressing! Twilight at least made me feel better and gave me something to look forward to! now i'm depressed because i don't have that anymore! i am reading midnight sun, but it's just not the same. i want a continuation of breaking dawn! i can't believe Stephanie Meyer won't write a continuation :( I was addicted to and loved harry potter, but now i think i may love twilight more! i feel like i'm in love with edward cullen! i catch myself comparing him to my husband! it's horrible!

  46. definately easier to read with fewer emotional consequences second time round... definitely true what the poster 2 above me said about "appreciating them more as books", especially as this series has inspired me to think seriously about writing.
    So my advice for anyone wishing to get out of the 'twipression' cycle: you must deliberately distance your emotions from it by doing whatever works for you... for me it was thinking about the series as much as possible from a critical / authors point of view. Remember... they are just characters which happen to be very skillfully constructed by the author, and you're feeling exactly the way they deliberately intended you to feel.
    Reading humorous analysis of the books (eg helped put it into perspective too :)

  47. :o)

    It's been a week, and I'm happy to say that I feel so much better! Maybe getting on here and putting into words how I was feeling was just the thing I needed.

    I still desperately miss the 'twilight world' that I became a part of while reading, but the sadness has definitely eased - and will no doubt be a distant memory soon (or at least until I can't resist re-reading them any longer and I go through it all again, haha).

    It helped me so much to read everyone elses experiences, and know that I wasn't alone in this bizaare depression. I was actually getting really annoyed with myself!

    Anyway, I promise it gets better! And I'm now hanging out for November to see 'New Moon' ... it looks exciting!!! Go team Edward LoL!

  48. I promise you it will go away. I felt horrible, depressed, moody you name it for days. The more you away from them the easier it getts. Mind you every time I see somthing written about Rob Pattinson i feel compelled to read it.
    My antidote was to start reading the True Blood book series. Give it a go. much preferred the books to the TV series. I also loved Jacquelyn Ftank's (shadowdwellers books)One word of warning. What Twilight did not have in the bedroom, shadow dwellers does in detail. Nothing offensive, but aimed at the 25 + market.
    I hope this helps to prove there is life after Edward Cullen (i think?)

  49. wow im glad i searched for post twilight depression! i realise that i need to get a life but when edward left bella in new moon i felt like id been dumped. iv just finished the books and im so moody and sultry. i swear i keep going for long walks, more than likely subcontiously hoping that i would get into some trouble with a warewolf or a vampire so edward can come get me!
    sigh, i hate it when amazing books end but this is a first for me with actual genuine sadness! x

  50. heya, i wrote on here a week or two ago feeling exactly the same as you guys do... now i feel so much better and its for such a stupid reason, me and my friends could have been killed when a bunch of chavs started attacking us the other day, we literally had to run for our lives and it was the scariest experience of our lives. When thinking about it afterwards i felt myself being really angry that there was noone there to help us, and then i realised that life isnt like the movies or our beloved twilight and though i didnt expect edward cullen to show up and save the day, it just made me realise how very fictional the books are. i still love it but i am nowhere near as obsessed as i was a week ago. i wanted to let you know cus maybe it will help! i know how bad it can get!

  51. I'm 28 and just read all four books in the series in less than a week. I literally have done nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe the Cullens and am so in love with Edward and Bella. I finished the last book last night and then watched EVERY SINGLE PART of the Twilight DVD pack until the wee hours of the morning. This morning I am soooo depressed and shocked that I'm reacting this way. I just feel empty and want to know more about what happens with them, as though they are now my family. Part of it is that I want my own Edward (not even close to what I have now) but also I really LOVE the whole family. Also, Rob did an amazing job in the movie but my crush on him is only when he IS Edward...I don't find him as sexy and alluring in real life which somehow makes my sadness worse. I know this will all pass, life goes on and these were just BOOKS. But books change us and shape us and this series has affected me profoundly. I'm so happy to see I'm not alone in having such a strong reaction. I do hope I snap out of it soon though, depression sucks! :(

  52. You guys have NO IDEA what meant to me to find this blog and all your comments...It proves I am not insane and I will not go to a doctor to get some Prozac. It's shocking how I got into the Twilight world...I just came back from China and I was reading The Host, someone (Twilight fan) saw me reading it and asked how it was...So I mention was not compared to TS, and she told me she had read the 4 books 3 TIMES...Even thought I was very happy to find someone so obssesed as I am, I did not tell her about my depression, ashamed actually (what the rack she was going to think...that I am some kind of nut...weirdo..). Now that I found YOU guys, I am very...and I mean VERY, hopefull that this depression will pass...I am 32, recently married, with all the feelings that everyone here are having...But already feeling a bit happier just to find you!
    By the way, VERY interesting the comment from DAN, comparing the Cullens universe should be our after life...Totally agree, and to think of a great love, great bounds, can exist after life, makes life a lot easier to endure, like "that" universe is the prize for it...
    My love to you all!

  53. OMG thank goodness I found this site.I thought I was going insane.I am married with a 4 year old daughter.I am pretty happy and content with my life and my hubs.This twilight thing is something I have never felt before.I have never been a starstruck type of person.The overwhelming emptiness that I feel since watching and re-watching the movie is almost unbearable.I feel like I am going through a break-up.I am actually afraid to read the books.I never thought I would be into this type of movie,fantasy and vampires are not my thing however Edward has become my thing.I have not had a crush like this since I was 12.I am 30 now and am feeling very pathetic.On the upside like any good crush I have lost my appetite and have lost a few lbs.I will take that silver lining.Hope these feelings fade.Glad to know I am not alone.

  54. I am shocked that I am not alone...

    Before this moment, I thought that I was absolutely losing my mind. Craziest of all, perhaps, was to think that the sadness, emptiness and crying jags were somehow related to a series of "tween" fictional books.

    Since finishing the series, which I ripped through quickly like others here, I felt dropped in an emotional stupor. However, unlike a hangover, it lasted for days.

    I am not in love with Edward, I don't have a crush on him. In fact, I don't identify with any character in particular. However, after the four books, I was left with a crushing sense of loss that has oddly lasted for days.

    I too am glad that I am not alone.

  55. I figured i wasnt the only one that had these kinds of feelings it's just nice to know i was right. I read through all 4 books in less then a weeks time and after reading each one i would become so depressed with life. I have a boyfriend and i get mad at him for not being more like edward even though he doesn't know that's what i'm thinking. It just all seemed so perfect; the butterfly feeling, the protection he gave her, he always agreed with her, it was just pure to good to be true love. lol i'm still not over my depression i just finished breaking dawn yesterday. I do feel like im in love with edward but only the character in the book as well as the rest of the family they were all so together and beautiful. I do hope she makes another book about what happens next in their lives but i'm not sure ill read it for fear of going through this again....

  56. I completely feel the same and I'm soooooooooo glad I'm not just a strange, crazy, sensetive person all alone!!! Apparently it's the litterary funk! And just think - all this could have been avoided if Tyler's truck would've squished Bella!!! It feels like I've been on a wonderfull magical adventure with the most fantastic people and done amazing beautiful things and now they pushed me out of their magical glorious world and I'm alone int his non-magical boring world constantly crying and feeling deprressed thinking there is no magic anymore and there never will be I want what they have - even if it is all fictional!

  57. 1) I was also deeply grateful when I found this blog. I had googled ‚obsessed with twilight’ and ‚addicted to twilight’ before and found myself among teenagers who helped each other by writing ‚just get yourself a boyfriend’ or ‚read other books’. I thought to myself – how can they be that little affected?
    I was trying to undestand what was going on, analyze my feelings. I had always been into books since I was a child. Especially those books that take you into another reality, happier and more exciting than the reality that surrounds you. I also liked Harry Potter and I was sad there was no magic in the world after finishing it. A little sad for a day.
    However I had never ever experienced such a feeling after reading a book which I had after having finished ‚Breaking Dawn’, which I found the perfect ending for the story (the teenagers did not like the book at all by the way). As others described it – life had lost all of its sense, my heart felt like ripped out of my chest. I cried, seeing no solution. I knew that even death would not be a solution. I felt it would drag me away from them even more. I thought I just would have to live through my life and hopefully get the choice to be a good and loving vampire in my next life (that sounds so stupid).

  58. 2) I am 29, turning 30. I am in a good relationship and some time ago thought I found my soulmate in my boyfriend. As others of you I am just ruining it a little lately. Although I feel better now, almost a little amused, I think it was worse than a depression. That is why I googled depression so late. I had only light depressions before but I always knew that they would pass. My head had saved all the good memories of my life, telling me I will feel happy again. I knew I had been happy before and knowing that was the proof of coming back to that soon enough. The bad thing about the twilight depression was, that I felt it was not going to be good again. Worse – I did not want it to be good again. It felt like forgetting that grief meant to betray someone...
    Probably due to all the descriptions of Bella’s transformation the human life suddenly seemed absolutely dirty in its limits. The clear sight, the sharpened senses, the power of emotions – being a human in comparison to a vampire felt like being a dog in comparison to a human.
    What also seems a clear reason for the sudden pain after reading the books is the fact, that everyone wishes so deeply to be picked out of the masses by someone like Edward. The perfect, loving man sees right through your ordinary existence into the purest depths of your soul. He recognizes you.
    I felt better when I read all the comments. I imagined 50 women (including me) standing in front of the mirror or in their dark flat, crying ‚Edward, get me out of here. Why did you go away? I know you are there somewhere, thinking of me’. If there was an Edward, obviously 49 women would not be getting answered. So most likely all 50 of us will not be getting answered. It is all in our head. Just imagination. And it seems very clear, why all the middle-aged people react so strongly. As someone put it – if you are 15 you have all your life like a promising vision in your head. Almost everything is possible. Being thirty or older, married or close to being married, settled, having children – you suddenly realize that life is not as perfect and beautiful as in your dreams...we know that love does not come like that, so pure, so devoted (at least after some years), so unbreakable. We know love means being disappointed, means to work on it, means compromises.
    So what is the conclusion? I guess, we have to translate at least some of the feelings in the book into our lives. Try to build up love and friendship. Get back to be fond of imperfection, humanity, fragility, and above all transcience. Maybe we do not want to live in a 100 years time. Maybe being an old woman in her garden, almost blind but sensitive to other influences, is worth experiencing. We are mortal but we can be part of the eternity – somehow, everybody in its own human way.
    P.S. And I do agree that all this confusion is also about the strong bonds among the members of the Cullen family. They share a secret, that makes them so special besides their love and perfection. I think sharing our feelings here makes us somehow a big Cullen family.

  59. I cannot thank you enough for this forum.

    I'm 32 with a 10 year old. I felt truly pathetic when I cried. I felt a sense of emptyness whilst reading the books.

    I know there will never be anything like Edward in reality. I am aware that the relationship borders on abuse due to his controlling nature. So why do I feel like a lovesick teenager?

    It does make me feel so much better that I am not the only one experiencing these emotions.

    Thank you


  60. Angela said...

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    I am so relieved to have found this. I can only reiterate what others have posted on here, and that is that I have continually thought I was losing my mind over these past three months.

    I stumbled across the Twilight movie 3 months ago, and thought it was an "OK" movie, then it ate away at my until I bought the books!

    I have read all 4 books three times (each time taking no more than 4 days to complete all 4 books + Midnight Sun), and each time I am left holding myself just as Bella does when Edward leaves her - It is almost too painful to go out and interact in the real world.

    I am a 34 years old single mom to 2 kids, and whilst I get depressed over the fact I will never have a Bella/Edward or even a Bella/Jacob type of relationship or friendship - what hurts the most is that I feel more alone in my world than ever after reading these books.

    I really need to stop reading them and stop reading all the hype over the movies - I am not attracted to the actors in the movies but find myself unable to stop reading every news article about them for snippets of info.

    Sorry this is rambling! But it helps so much to know I am not alone in my depression.

  61. aha, i've found kindred spirits! 34 year old mother of 3, happily married, and i've fallen in love with a book for teenagers. it's scary.

    someone summarized it for me above- i put down "Breaking Dawn" when i finished it in September, and left their glorious world- power and strength, immortality, no need for sleep, intense bonds with each other and their family, and looked up to my dreary house, the messes left by my kids, and my husband who was grumpy at me for reading all day. it was like a slap in the face.

    i was depressed for days, but forced myself to stop thinking about it. it was like a breakup, i would find myself daydreaming and have to call myself back, "dont think about edward, dont think about edward..."

    over a few weeks, things got back to normal. recently i reread the first two books again to prepare to see New Moon, and i'm back where i was in the beginning. this time i know it will get better, but it's still hard to deal with.

    the books make you look at your place in the world- aging, financially strapped, with all of those intense feelings of passion long gone- after you're married and have kids, what wonderful life events do you have to look forward to? i can't find myself getting butterflies over the idea of retirement.

    anyway, i'm trying to channel it into something useful. i cant change my life into what they have, but i can try to change myself in productive ways. i can be stronger, i can be more powerful, so i am finding ways to do that in my own life. wish me luck.

  62. I last wrote on this blog early in May. Everyday i receive other peoples thoughts on the books and characters. I still read everything I can lay my hands on about the cast and cannot wait for New moon. The seats are booked and husband is under strict instructions to behave and enjoy it. My only salvation since May is to read other authers on the same subject. Currently reading Kim Harrison. Very good. Hang in there folks it does get better with time. cannot wait to read more blogs after the New Moon film.
    Take cate all

  63. Hi everyone. Thanks SO MUCH for coming here and sharing your thoughts and stories w everyone. I truly think it helps when we realize we aren't alone!

    So are you all excited for the New Moon movie? I AM!!! I was going to reread the books before but decided against it. I've been reading like crazy since I picked up the Twilight books though and have found a few that I just LOVE. Thanks for the recommendation Leanne! I'll have to check those out.

    I know I'm going to be a little sad again after I see New Moon. But it's nice to know I'm not the only one who is a little crazy over these characters.

    Can't wait to hear what you all think about the movie.

  64. Relief that so many people feel the same as I do!!! I have been so utterly depressed and hung up about these books, I feel like I am living in them. I have been reading non-stop practically cover to cover, and have been so emotional and depressed since I started a week ago. I have been in tears and tried to find numerous other reasons for all this emotion and now I have discovered that it must be the books and not me! I have now thought about them all carefully and realise what it is that is so grippingly heart breaking. After reading them, I am hung up on idea of immortality, having a lifetime to do everything you want to do, having a lifetime to spend with your loved ones, never having regrets, not ever having to worry about time. I am hung up on the perfectness of their love, wondering if I will I ever find my true soul mate as they have, will it measure up to their love. I am hung up on the strength and beauty of the vampires, wishing that we could be as perfectly beautiful as they are, wishing for the strength and power that they possess. I am hung up on Edward’s protectiveness of Bella, he is always there to help or save her in times of need and he always will be as he is immortal. I am hung up on the strength and sense of ‘family’ the Cullens have, and wish we could all have such a tight knit family who are always there for each other as they are. So perfect. I am hung up on the fact that the ‘vampire’ life does not seem to have the ordinary worries that we have, money, school, work, relationships, illness and death, and also all the superficial worries we seem to stress about. Meyer is such a brilliant writer that the books play on all these factors which make them so emotional and disturbing, affecting us all so deeply. So enjoy the books and try remember that it is the impossibly perfect life we would probably all trade anything for that make them so addictive!

  65. Just want to say thank you to everyone who has posted. I, like everyone else here, thought I was losing it. I watched Twilight 5 days ago, and have been depressed since. I go outisde, hoping an "Edward" will show up. The world seems grey. My love for my husband seems pitiful.

    I have not read the books as I tend to stay away from "mainstream" things. I have tickets to go see New Moon in two days, and am wondering if I should even go? I am VERY tempted to read the books, but am afraid! AFRAID to read books! How crazy is that?!?

    I cried when I read through these comments, but I am SO grateful that I'm not the only one feeling this way! Thanks again for all the posts!!

  66. Once bitten by the Twilight bug Ithink it is inevitable that you will read the books. It really draws you into their world, but with that also the sadness when you eventually finish the books. I to am seeing the film tomorrow. Part of me is very excited but the other part worried that it will not live up to my imagination and ideals of the book. I guess it is worth it just to see some gorgeous footage of Edward.I must ask is it just me or does anyone else only find him very attractive as the Edward character rather than in real life??

  67. I just recently got into the twilight books after hearing so much insanity over them I was curious to hear what the hype was all about. After reading the first one I was instantly obsessed and read the next three in less than a week. Like all of you, soon after, the depression kicked in. I couldn't understand it... I'm a 28yr old recently married to a wonderful guy, but yet I questioned my own relationship, comparing it to the fictional love of Edward and Bella. I thought to myself, why isn't my relationship as passionate as theirs. I became really depressed, crying all the time and obsessing over these characters. That's when I researched this post twilight epidemic. I found that it's a common thing, which made me feel somewhat better. But it's still pretty crazy how a book can evoke these kinds of emotions. I'm sure it will pass with time.

  68. It's really weird how a movie/book can have such an effect. I watched twilight on the telli and every night after that for 5 days. It was on every night ! Have had a very depressing week ! And I just couldn't understand it. Am so glad I googled for "post twilight depression" !! I guess it's the magic,the love and that something more than our regular lives that draws us in.Something worth dying for..! Watching some interviews of Edward and Bella helped as it shows that they aren't REAL! Snap out of it ! No more twilight for me!My suggestion to all those who are depressed, don't watch/read anymore of it. It's our own personal brand of heroin !!! :)

  69. I was seriously freaking out when i thought i was the only one i guess in a way im jealous of the fact that Edward is the type of guy i want and i doubt that ill ever find a guy like him...if only real guys could be that way and could care that much i honestly love so confused i need help getting over this...what should I do?

  70. Hello out there? I was expecting a rush of kindred comments post New Moon. Seems like this blog just ends right before. Guess I'm the only one who was re-crushed after the sequel. Missing Edward... again...

  71. I am glad to know i am not the only one here who felt depressed after finishing the books. It is sad because it makes you realize that your own world will never be as magical or interesting. people can laugh and say were obsessive but thats not it. I just wish there was something more out there...

  72. To the November 30 comment about being "re-crushed" by New Moon...I completely understand. After seeing the first movie and reading the books I was a wreck for months. Then, I finally get myself back on track and New Moon comes out. Now I am a basket case again only I am more obsessed with the Wolf pack than the vampires this time. I am 35, married, and have 2 kids yet I can't feel satisfied with my "normal" life...I keep feeling that I need something "special" to happen to me. Why can't my marriage and kids be special enough to make me happy. At least I'm not the only one.

  73. Every time I open my email and see a new comment to this post I just have to smile because I realize yet again that I'm not alone. While seeing New Moon made me want to read the books again and dive back into that world I also fear those feelings. See I think I have them because I've never really been in love and found that special person. It's hard to find true love thru an alcohol/drug induced haze. But then so many of you are married. You thought you found that person (and I believe that you did) yet there is still some emotion in these books that stirs something inside of us wanting more. I've been on a compulsive reading tirade since I first read the Twilight series and mostly YA books and a few of them have given me the same longing, although none as compulsively as the Twilight saga.
    I don't know what it is or even how to get it or fix it. But it helps to know I'm not alone!

  74. This is amazing! I thought i was SO weird for getting depressed after watching the movie (worst thing was i watched it alone i think).. But i want to let you all know IT PASSES! I watched the movie first of all then read the books and they are beautiful but not realistic. Sorry but its true! Its fantasy that's why its so attracting. You need to bring yourself back to THE NOW and Live your life, love your life, smile and appreciate the small things.. and although they're characters never think for a moment that there isn't some sort of amazing person and love out there for you :)

  75. Like everyone else has said..these books and the films have left me emotionally drained.
    when i'm with family and friends my mind just drifts off to the Edward and Bella world. i can't get twilight out of my head! i just compare what my life is like to theres and i feel so depressed!
    i live in england, and it has also made me want to move to america so much, to a place like Forks. i'm considering going to visit it for a holiday sometime.
    i just keep feeling that i wish this fantasy world did exist, you know the friendly vampires, werewoles. i just can't get over it at the minute its all i can think about im giving myself headaches!!

  76. this is crazy. i have never had obsessed thoughts of anything. i finally gave in to the twilight saga and i feel so depressed! never have i felt sadness and i agree with everyone about connections to characters and my life being so much less than the fairytale they dwell in. i am a big christian which also makes me more sad for thinking so nuts.
    to have that love. i am starting the books but almost scared how i will be affected. i hope this passes soon. anytime frame?

  77. Jesus.....I agree with Claire 100%. What kind of freak gets depressed over BOOKS though? Thats what Ive been saying to myself lately.."it cant be these books making me depressed and miserable in my own boring life".. but Im coming to realize, Twilight has made me DERPRESSED! I feel like everything in my life sucks, and I feel so sad that I dont have my own Edward, like my boyfriend doesnt compare at ALL...weird huh? I need some way to get over this too... ugh, help.

  78. This really IS crazy! I am in EXACTLY the same boat as all of you! I have never experienced depression before, and I hate it. For me, I believe it is a combination of the longing for the relationship Edward and Bella have, along with the longing for life to be so much more magical and interesting that it really is. I, too, am so saddened with my world - I feel like Bella in New Moon when her world is empty without Edward. I feel like I'm going through that same type of depression, which only makes me identify so much more with her character - which, in turn, makes this whole Twilight depression thing all the worse! I truely wish I could BE her - which is insane! I'm a 25 year old woman with a degree and a husband of 5 years! I am smarter than this! As some people on this blog have also mentioned, I too am actually reconsidering my relationship with my husband over these books! Our relationship pales in comparisson to Edward and Bella's - even Jacob and Bella's! I can't understand why my husband doesn't treat me like I'm as precious (I guess you could say) to him as Edward treats Bella. It's all so strange to me. I even walk around feeling like I AM Bella inside my head - think thoughts like she would. But at the end of the day, even though Bella is depressed in part of this series, she has something amazing waiting for her - to maker her happy again. And this just reminds me that I don't - I am stuck in the depression with nothing to look forward to. I hope this will pass. I've seen both movies and have only read the first 3 books. I've been like this since I started reading the first book. I, too, was nervous to keep reading these books, because I was already feeling the depression set in, but (not to quote from the book) they are like a drug to me. Even if I wanted to stop, I don't think I could until I've finished all of the books. My husand thinks I'm insane and moody - although I haven't told him that these books are somehow at fault... I'm affraid this is starting to really get to me and could possibly do harm to my marriage. I hate not being satisfied with my life, and I hate this new-found sadness, but I love the books. I'm thinking of going to a therapist just to talk about it and get some "positive thinking" advice or something else to focus on soon. Has anyone else who posted any of these comments over the last year have any positive ideas or sucess stories?? I would love to hear any stories or advice. Thanks:)

  79. Also, in addition to my comment above, I forgot to mention that I am also a pretty strong Christian. That is another thing that scares me a bit. I don't feel the same in that area either. I know its wrong, but I'm so enthralled with the Twilight world, that if these things did exist, I think I would possibly give up my soul to become a vampire - to live with the Cullens. I know this sounds INSANE - it is really hard for me to say this. To think that a book could have me questioning my Christianity for something that doesn't even exist... I'm scared. And I'm also living in their world all of the time as well - the real world passes by me each day without me noticing what's going on. I don't listen to what my husband's talking about, I don't listen to what's on TV or what's even going on arond me while I drive - my mind is in the Twilight world, thinking about the character's and what I've just read about, and wishing I was part of it. I'm glad I found this site, because when you google for help on this subject, you usually get people just saying they wish they had more books to read - and the advice is to wait for the new movies to come out. I don't need that kind of advice. This is the first site I've found that people have voiced the same concerns about the deprssion as I have. I almost wish I hadn't ever started reading these books (as the movie didn't affect me that much in the way of depression), but, at the same time, I love them so much as well.

  80. WOW its comforting to know I’m not alone..

    I recently watched Twilight and New Moon and started feeling really obsessed by it and very sad and depressed. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the films but realised it was as thats all I could think about. I now have the soundtracks and all of the books, I read Twilight in a week and am now on New Moon, I am scared once I have read Breaking Dawn I will slip into an even worse depression. I keep watching the film too, cant help myself!

    I love my boyfriend a lot but yet it doesn’t compare to the love Bella and Edward have, I’m even jealous of the connection Bella and Jacob have too. How sad, right? All I want to do is surround myself with anything Twilight. Claire92 I live in the UK too, which does make it worse and more depressing, Forks just seems so much more appealing. I really do hope this horrible depressing feeling will pass. Fingers crossed!

  81. I really feal for you all. I went through this last April 09. I watched the Twilight film on the plane to the States and then read all the books twice in 2 weeks, then felt empty and lost when I finished all the books. I could think of nothing else and wanted to do nothing but watch or read it. I fell out with my entire family as I was so unsocial.
    I promise you the feeling and pain does fade away. I have found the love of books since then and read constantly since. Try reading the True blood &vampire diaries series. It will help you by realising there is life after twilight. Keep smiling it will pass I promise x

  82. Hmm.. finally .. i've found ppl like me.. ! i thot i was alone.. n only i was goin through all this.. I jus cant move on .. I feel really sick. The very mention of Twilight series or even da name Edward takes me 2 a diff. world.. n then im totally unaware of whats goin on around me,i dun listen 2 lectures,even wen im watchin tv im totally lost n it takes a long tym 2 realise dat i havnt been following it.N sumtyms i feel i shudnt hav read it at all.. :| .. Im totally obsessed wit twilight series.. I dunno if i can ever move on.. !! :| . Now that i know Im not alone ... I'm feelin a li'l better .. :) . Hope v all move on soon ;) .

  83. Wow, so I'm not alone - this is good news. I'm a 32yr old wife and mother who avoided the whole Twilight saga until last week when after bored, I borrowed Twilight from the local library. Started reading at 6am that morning and had the book finished by 9am. I then had to go get the rest of the books from 3 different locations like I was some kind of drug addict.
    I read the rest of the series all the way through Breaking Dawn in a span of less than 24 hours. Needless to say , I didn't sleep or do much during that time span. I also watched the movie right after finishing the book.
    I was disappointed by the movie at first; I felt it left so much of their interaction and relationship out of the movie. At the beginning of the movie, I wasn't even sure I could wrap my head around the actors they had portraying Edward and Bella; but the more I watched the movie (despite my disappointment with it in general) the more I came to see Rob Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella.
    And then it happened.. I became obsessed. I started watching the movie.. two, sometimes three times a day, just so I could and can see Edwards quirky little grin and the interaction between the two.
    I've re-read all the books at least 3 or 4 times (I'm an extremely fast reader) and each time, I feel like I'm sucked into this magical world and when I'm finished, it's like a slap in the face. I credit this to the wonderful writing talents of Stephanie Meyer but there must be something else there; some underlying issue that I don't necessarily see.
    I've also been able to go see New Moon 3 times in the past 7 days and I can't wait until it goes to the cheap theaters so I won't feel as bad about spending so much money.

    I love the two characters as if they were two real people even though they are fictional. I find myself wishing I could feel the electricity that they feel when just simply kissing. To have that person who would rather die than be on this earth without me. I struggle to think that that person even exists.

    True, my marriage has never been a strong one. There's been issues since well before we married and while it's true I sometimes wish I'd never married so young (at the age of 18), I love my two children and I do love my husband.. but...where is the spark; when did it really fade? I think long before I said "I do" if I really want to be honest with myself.

    Does the physical love ever stay as electric for humans as it would for Edward and Bella?

    I've tried seperation from my husband and I missed him - but what did I really miss? Did I miss the fact that I've been with the same person since I was almost 17 years old, or did I miss HIM.
    I thought I was in love with someone else for a time - both spouses found out - and as so often happens, he chose to go back to his spouse; but even still - I don't think even that passion would have lasted.

    To get back on track..
    I love that I get butterflies when I think, read, or watch the complex relationship of Bella and Edward and I'm glad I got to read about their happy ending and especially that I got to read into Edwards mind for at least 12 chapters while their relationship was blossoming.

    I just wish I had the butterflies for my life too.

  84. Im doing well better and the amazing thing is I didnt have to quit reading the series or being obsessed(:I just set limits I dont read all the time I read at night and at school.
    My past story:
    Im not depressed because Ive read all the books and its over I just.....I really liked Edward and sorta had a thing for him you know a crush but then I started thinking about why I liked him even though I knew he wasnt real and then I got depressed so badley that I considered suicide for a while but I think Im depressed because I dont think the guy I want exist yeah he would be alot like Edward and so I guess thats why I say Im depressed about twilight.Please help me I dont want to kill myself I just want to get over being depressed.

    How I feel Today:
    Great I love Edward still and I refuse to settle for a guy thats not well of course he wont be imortal but he will be PERFECT for me(:
    I love Robert Pattinson too which is a plus because he is real<3
    So I just looked for things to give me hope(:
    Im still a huge twilight obsessed girl and my nickname at school is "Bella"because my friends say I deserve a guy like Edward and that I act alot like Bella yeah Im a clutz I tripped over my own feet during a talent show. I still watch the movies and am currently reading eclipse this is my like 8x with the whole series.Ive seen New Moon in theaters 12x so yes there is hope even if you are addicted.I still cry at some parts,still feel Bella's pain when Edward breaks up with her,and still love Edward and wish he was my vampire but that doesn't rule my life anymore.And as for the guys on here Wow I dont mean that in a bad way but I consider guys that read Twilight sorta hot;)Best of Luck
    xoxo,Nicole the Twihard<3
    Live Free Or TwiHard****

  85. And Im not gonna say that it does seem realistic the whole love and all but that does not mean Im giving up I refuse to date anyone unless they meet my standards so yeah I really dont care if Im single for a long time Bella was too(:
    xoxo,Nicole Good Luck&&Feel Free To e-mail me!

  86. Butterflies, that's it. It is so frustrating not knowing if that type of love exists, vampires aside, does anyone really have that much passion. I am sitting here crying, a 31 year old mother of 2 that has been married for 11 years. I can't help but wonder, is there more. Had it have been written by a man, then perhaps we could think that there are men out there like that. I wish someone would look at me that way, want to protect me, I want to be someones universe.
    The series has also made me question my mortality, I know that we are not meant to live forever, but it is like a sick joke, either I am fortunate to live until I am old, then I am ravaged by the sands of time, or taken early in life and miss out on something more. I guess the question is what is after death??? I am relieved that I am not the only one that thinks like this, I just wish I could snap out of it. I didn't know what all the hype was until a friend recommended it, its only been 3 weeks but my insides are just empty- I am googling like crazy, just to get a glimpse of them... maybe its time to delete the movies and give away the books if I can, the problem is these feelings have always been inside me, the book just makes me question everything, including the direction of my life :( Maybe the depression is knowing that I will never feel that much love even if I do live until 100

  87. This is crazy.. I can't believe we are all feeling that way, but I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Thank you for sharing your emotions with all those Twilight depressed people. Since I saw this threat I'm feeling a little better as I thought I was going crazy before. I have only read the first two books and watched the movies hundreds of times. I also bought all of the movie soundtracks. Now I'm really arguing with myself wether to finish the series or not. I just feel like this could never end. If I stop now and the next movie is releasing the whole drama will start again. I already thought I'd need professional help, but what should I tell him/her? I'm 23 years old and I'm not supposed to fall in love with a 17 year old fictional vampire called Edward.. If there's anybody out there to help us, please don't hesitate!!

  88. I have exactly the same problem... I'm even trying to convince myself that there ARE vampires in this world..I feel really bad...bcause I almost expect my boyfriend to be like Edward!!!!
    And I can't stop dreaming of me...becoming a vampire!
    It seems just too good to be true!
    I don't want my human life anymore! If there is a vampire out there....can you please change me??? (A)

    Pathetic...I know...
    Sick.....I know...
    Stupid....Yes indeed....

  89. I forgot to mention....that I feel like crazy!!
    I am wishing so hard that I am a part of the Cullen family...that I have found the same Love Edward and Bella did, Jacob and Renesmee, Alice and Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie...etc....
    My boyfriend is acctually a Twilight-hater... and we are discussing everytime what I like about it and what he hates...
    But I feel like I'm in a battle with him about it =(
    I really love him....but not the electric spark...the fog in my head when I look into his eyes...
    I've truly been trying to do something about it... Every day I trie to stop reading the books and stop listening to the music...
    God indeed, the music is making me very depressed too!
    Though I can't find the courage to delete them from my mp3-player!
    Life seems empty without Edward and Bella, the Cullens, Jake, I would let the Volturi kill me if I could just feel a glimpse of what Edward and Bella feel!
    I would give up everything!
    I've been trying like...everything!
    Delete the music, telling myself to stop acting so pathetic.....but it feels like a lost Love.....I can't stop loving something that doesn't exist..!
    I even can't wish that Stephanie never wrote these books...bcause a world without Twilight seems empty...worthless.....
    OMG I am really pathetic!
    If you want to...please mssge me on this email:

  90. I'm a 29 year old female. I decided to read the Twilight series out of mere curiousity. I've never seen the movies and do not intend to. (Movies often ruin so much about a book...)

    Anyway, I wish I never read these books. While I enjoyed them immensely, the pain I feel as a result is just not worth it. I truly do wish I knew the effect these stories had on people before I indulged my curiousities.

    I can tell myself "it's just a story" until I am blue in the face, but that hasn't helped me yet. There is a certain attraction to these books that I cannot quite pinpoint. I do not want a vampire boyfriend, but the love Edward and Bella convey on the page is outrageously attractive. I would never question the love my boyfriend and I have, but it is different. I suppose it's supposed to be, though, otherwise it wouldn't be so intriguing. I do recall Bella referring to Edward as "ideal." Do I wish for some of Edward's actions? Hell yes. His desire to protect, his softness, his pretty words.

    As for the depression, I can't explain it. I feel empty and I certainly am not eating much at all. My mind isn't necessarily on Twlight, but it is certainly not where it should be either. I don't like talking and just want to be left alone. All the mundane things in life have become more mundane (if that's possible) and have me not wanting any part of it.

    I do hope this dissipates soon because I do not feel strong enough for this.

  91. I spoke to a councilor as I really did believe I was going crazy. He gave me an example that his wife fell in love Gary Sinise in The Stand now she watches for everything this actor is in. They have a happy marriage (sometimes I feel like I know a little too much about them) they have been together 14 years and they love spending time together, but for some reason, she just loved Gary. He was not put out by it but just accepting of it all. He said that we all need to escape sometimes even if it is into a fiction book (I thought only gay men had that in touch side and he is far from gay) I stopped watching the movies for a few days and it helped. I am not in love with Rob and Kristen, but the fantasy life that Edward and Bella have. I find the more I read it, the more I want it, so somehow I am going to walk away from it because as good as these movies and books are, they aren't realistic. Will I watch Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Probably...but I am hoping that by then I will be strong enough to see them for what they are, just movies. I think it is less of the movies that makes me depressed but more of the " How sad that no one will ever love me like that =( "

  92. I had zero idea that these books would do this to me - I dito every single thing that everyone has said. Has anyone found anything that helps get over this? I need some serious help

  93. I am going to try and reassure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Just over a year ago, I watched the Twilight film on a plane. In fact I watched it 3 times in a row. As soon as I landed I bought all the books. I proceeded to ignore my husband whilst I read them all in the space of a week. I stayed up all night, around the pool, I read on the loo, during dinner. You name it I read through it. I was totally smitten. I hardly eat, felt I did not need anyone else but my books and the Cullen family. When I finished them for the 2nd time. I felt like I had just lost my best friend, lover etc all in one.
    I refused to read the books for a 3rd time for my own sanity. I mustcofess I now read numerous vampire series and it realy helps.
    I still read stories on line about the TW series and my tummy still flips when ever I see clips, but I am ogood with it now.
    My husband swears there is voodoo in the books because so many of our friends have been the same way with the whole TW thing.
    No human male could love his woman in the same way, imagine how agrivating it would be after a few months really. I love my husband for putting up with my love struch moads I went through and still putting up with my constant reading at 40 years old.
    I does get better, it does hurt but I promise you are not alone or going mad.
    Keep the comments going, it is gret for the newbies to see.

  94. Hi Everyone!
    I can't believe this post still gets so many comments! I love this little congregation of Twihards.
    Recently I've had some people posting some not-so-nice comments saying some unsupportive things and those comments will NOT be posted. My blog. My rules. So save your breath so to speak.
    I also know that some of us have been reading like crazy since we read the Twilight books and if you have ANY recommendations then please do share. I've read some other really great series and they helped my move past my Twilight depression. So in no specific order:
    ~Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass)
    ~Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead I believe. I loaned the books and not positive on her name right now.
    ~Evernight & Stargazer by Claudia Gray (3ed comes out in March)
    ~Luxe series (not vampires but I loved it just the same)
    ~Study Series by Maria Von Snyder
    ~Hunger Games & Fire Catcher by Suzanne Collins. These are not vampire books but excellent reading.
    Getting ready to read Vampire Diaries and I hear some books by an author named Pike are good as well.
    I'm always looking for suggestions so please don't hesitate to share!

  95. I too can not believe that I feel this way, I am a 41 year old female. I have been seriously depressed since the twilight movies and books. However, I just recently figured out that twilight was the reason. I try to watch cast interviews and that does help some, it makes them feel like real people. I am going to try some of the other tips, like reading other vampire stories. Like one poster said it is truely "our own personal brand of heroin." I want to move into recovery now. Thanks to you all.

  96. I can't believe I found this blog !! I have been utterly and profoundly depressed since finishing the series - you folks have said it all and totally get how I feel. I'm obsessed too, but I realize I need to put some distance between me and the Twilight universe. BTW, I'm 47 years old, a professional, a cancer survivor married to a man with incurable cancer, and a mom to 3 kids under the age of 14. I KNOW how much life can suck and how unfair it is, at least mine in recent years. I despair that I can't feel this incredibly passionate love like Edward and Bella or be strong, beautiful, and immortal like a Cullen. Like most if not all of you, I've NEVER had this kind of reaction to literature. A lot of the women I work with are big fans of the Twilight saga, but I don't think they are crippled from the obsession and depression that I am. It's nice to know that there are others out there and that I'm not the only one suffering this malaise. I'm a bit ashamed of my feelings as well. Someone posted here suggesting that the better parts of the Cullen's world may be our heaven. I'm not a religious person, but it is a nice thought - it would a nice reward for having suffered through the trials of this human life. Thanks for letting me unload this on you all.

  97. Oh dear, I thought this was just me!! I'm so glad it's not!!! I'm so pleased that I found this blog!! At least I know, I'm not going crazy!!! I resisted for so long, as vampire material really is not my thing!!! My daughter (who is 32) kept on at me to watch!! I thought it was ok, but then I read the books and that was it!! I was bitten and totally smitten!! I feel so stupid too!!! Now I can't wait for Eclipse to come out!! At the moment I feel bewitched!! But then I see that all the commenters feel exactly the same as me!!! Phew!! Thank you for helping!!

  98. Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one, and at 50 years old felt a little silly being so obsessed with Edward and Bella, at least I know I'm not alone, I keep re-reading the books and watching the films, hopefully Stephenie will finish Midnight Sun soon so we can all read from Edwards view, I think she should do that will all the books, just for us.

    Hugs RosieP x

  99. For me as a 30 year old dutchman
    the books brought some deep burried depression to the surface.
    Its not the world Meyer creates but the fact that i wouldnt be able to share these feelings and thoughts with anyone in my enviroment who would could actualy relate to the feelings.
    Im old and experienced enough to see the whole imortality and perfect world isnt something realistic but the fact that this thread exists and só many people relate to the "spell" Meyer put over the books makes me more sad that my real-life friends or gf arent the ones posting here..... U show that that áre alot of people around capable of having, and even more important, expressing a dieper way of thinking and feeling then people usualy do.
    Hopefully some people like you will some day make my life more worth living in

  100. Hi all, and thanks for all the sharing. I've suffered completely same kind of feelings that all of you after reading the books. Now I'm feeling much better, and would like to share my experiences, hoping it would help some of you.

    I finished breaking dawn the day before yesterday, and like most of you, finished the whole series in just few days. I had seen both movies before reading the books, and I can tell you, it didn't help imagining Rob Pattinson's face and voice for all the Edward scenes on the books, but I couldn't help it because I've had a bit of a soft spot for him after his role as Cedric Diggory (and CLEARLY will continue having it from now on too ;)

    Well, I cried the whole yesterday. I felt sad and very strangely, empty. I'm 24 years old, well educated woman, and have been in a relationship for six years now. I practically have all the things in my life that I have ever wanted: loving boyfriend, a job, friends, bright looking future... but suddenly it all seemed so insignificant.

    I immediately googled post-twi-depression, and found all of your wonderful posts that told me I wasn't the only one with these kind of feelings. This was the crucial part of gettin myself re-thinking of the whole situation.

    First of all, I told my boyfriend all about it. I told him that reading the books had made me, no, forced me to uncontrollably compare my life and relationship(s) with them. It was completely mental, because I was perfectly happy with my life before reading the books. It helped a little to really say those words out loud and hear how mental they sounded.

    I tried to think what was the part that made me feel so sad and empty. I knew it really wasn't so that I was in love with Edward or something like that, it was more like I was in love with THEIR love. I found myself wishing I was a teenager with newborn love, and that I would have happenings like prom in my future. Of course I have already experienced all that, but when I tried to think how it was like when I met my boyfriend and when we started dating, and how that had been the most wonderful time of my life, I really couldn't catch up with the feeling I had back then.

    So I think what made me sad was the fact that I had already experienced all that love that was on the books, not nearly as perfect of course, but still. Despite the books;)I still love my boyfriend and want to be with him, so I really can't experience falling in love anymore, all the excitement and stuff.

    So that's what the books do. They make you want to fall in love (again). At least for me.

    Before reading the books I was completely happy with the idea of not falling in love again, because now I have different things to be happy with. I tried to catch up with that feeling, and it really helped. Even if my boyfriend could never show his love for me like Edward does for Bella, why should he? He has his own ways to show it, and that doesn't mean he loves me less than Edward loves Bella.

    Today when I woke up I was happy to see HIM next to me, not Edward, like I wished yesterday :D

    I still don't feel perfectly normal, (it has only been 24 hours), but I don't feel sad either.

    I hope my novel really helps you guys :D

  101. Thanks for the list Ladymisssusan. I'm half way through "Hunger Games". Totally love it !
    Very different from Twilight, but well written and engrossing.

    Of course I'm STILL fantasizing about Twilight on a daily (more like hourly) basis !!

  102. @sleepy pickles dupree
    Glad you are enjoying the list. One I forgot to share is the House of Night series. The 8th one just came out & I'll be picking that up next week. I got thru the first 2 books of Vampire Diaries and a bit of the third and decided to move on. Not a fan of LJ Smiths writing. Got a new pile to read though!

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  105. Wow! I truly feel better after reading all of your comments. But not great...hopefully in time... It's amazing that the storytelling of Stephenie Meyer has touched so many of us so deeply. I'm a happily married, 37 year old, mother of 3 and have been shocked by how these books have rocked my world. I've had a really hard time re-engaging in my "real world" rather than the Cullen world. But knowing so many others have struggled too will help. I'm excited to see "Eclipse" and look forward to seeing the two movies that Breaking Dawn will be made into come to life. I think we all need to appreciate the fact that we were able to experience a story such as this and that the human mind is such an amazing gift as are these books! Going to find a new series to help me get started on moving forward...good luck to all of you!

  106. Anyone having post-Eclipse letdown? I saw the movie last night at midnight and planned to sleep in this morning but I can't sleep because I am sad!! I am bugging my friends to see who wants to go see it with me again today. This is not normal but I can't help it. I am sooo sad. I loved the movie so much and I feel like it's back to my old, boring life again with nothing to look forward to. Can anyone relate??

  107. I'm feeling the same SWgal, I watched all 3 movies at the cinema on Friday and have felt so down ever since. All of a sudden my life seems boring and i'm questioning my relationship. It's so silly, I know that the life in the books and films don't really exist. I'm actually 38 as well so how stupid am I! I just wish I could shake off these feelings.

  108. I'm 29, get the Twilight depression since 1 year. Sorry for my bad english.
    I'm french and I feel really lonely.
    Twilight is consider like a teenagers books, and it seeams that no adult read it.
    Thanks for all your confessions. I don't feel better after reading all the comments.
    I saw Eclipse and the sadness increase.
    Each day, I continue my job, my boyfriend relation, my family events and all other social things.
    But inside, since 1 year, something is broke, forever.
    It seems that : I open my eyes on a life without interest.
    I'm just a girl lost in France, alone with strange and bad feeling, keep that like a secret, with a lot of shame.
    Good luke everybody.

  109. First of all, I've never quite given in to the whole Twilight obsession, but I gave in an watched Eclipse a couple days ago with a friend. I saw the first two movies and didn't get this kind of post-movie watching experience that I'm facing now. I don't understand why I'm feeling like this, or even why it's happening to me. But I started feeling anxious and almost inclined to visit Forks. It's an odd feeling, really. I have an amazing boyfriend that even looks like Jacob, and is protective like him, but I don't understand why I'm feeling so anxious, and why I can't stop thinking about the movie. I've never read the books, because I don't want to give in. But honestly, I can't stop watching the Eclipse trailer over and over on youtube, and I can't wait for Breaking Dawn.

  110. I have recently watched Eclipse twice.

    I've never been this depressed. I know that there isn't anyone on this planet that will ever love me how much Edward and Bella loves Jacob. I was on a plane today, and I just started crying because the Muse, "Neutron Star Collision" played.

    Being a strong Christian, it IS insulting to question God's motives. But....

    On the Fouth of July, we parked on the side of the road to watch the fireworks. I almost walked into a gully near some bikers to see if Edward would come for me.

    I am lost. I need help.
    I feel so, unloved.

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  112. To the commenter above:
    If you are so enlightened by this series then why the fake blog name and how did you come across this post in the first place?

  113. I'm way behind on the whole Twilight mania. I always assumed it was a teenager thing and wasn't interested. Boy was I wrong. (I'm a 28 year old married mother of one.)

    About a month before Eclipse came to theaters my husband caught the first movie on TV one day while I was out. When I got home he said he was super pissed at himself because he watched Twilight and actually liked it. I laughed and kinda made fun of him and left it at that for a week or so. Then, one day it came on TV again so I figured since he liked it, I might as well give it a try. I almost wish I hadn't. I am now OBSESSED.

    I immediately bought all the books and anything else Twilight related that piqued my interest. The books are amazing, and the movies personify them so much. I am obsessed with all of it. Edward and Bella's intensely deep love. The Cullen family and how special they are. I just love Charlie and his dry sense of humor. And, despite being 100% on Team Edward, I still love Jacob and all the wolves. That whole family is just as close as the Cullens are.

    Why can't real life be like this? I question everything in my life now. It is very reassuring to know that I'm not the only one feeling this way. I'm through the first two books, and will be starting Eclipse tonight. I put off reading them because I was AFRAID to after seeing the movies. But I HAVE to. I have to get it out of my system and then hopefully I'll be able to move on until Eclipse comes out on DVD. Ugh. Part of me can't wait and the other part dreads it. I experienced a love similar to Edward and Bella's when I was a teenager (minus the whole vampire thing of course!) The passion, the intensity, the longing, the butterflies, everything. How you couldn't help but smile when that person came into view. It was amazing. But, he broke up with me after two years (so obviously it was just one sided), but still. That pain that Bella went through in New Moon. I know exactly how that feels. So this whole thing brought that back for me. And made me realize, I think, that I just settled for my husband. I love him, but I don't think I'm IN love with him. I feel HORRIBLE about it. We weren't 100% fine before Twilight so I know that Twilight isn't the only cause of this, but I think it's made me realize that my relationship is seriously lacking. But I'm afraid to leave my husband. I'm a stay at home mom of a 21 month old. I do have a Bachelor's Degree, so I'm sure I would eventually find a job, but it wouldn't be easy. And my husband really is a good guy. But I think he deserves his own Edward and Bella relationship as much as I do or as anyone else does. I just don't know. Ugh. Why oh why did I ever have to get into this Twilight thing. I swear it's a curse. The Twilight Curse. But I'm so in love with it that I can't stop. It's like MY own personal brand of Heroin (yeah, yeah, totally cheesy, but I couldn't help it, and this whole SITUATION is totally cheesy!) Somebody just shoot me now. Urrrggghhh!

  114. Thank you all for these comments, I am new to the twilight obsession, as I just watched Twilight about 2 weeks ago, then had to have the books and then bought New Moon and been to see Eclipse a couple of times. Right now I am reading Breaking Dawn and feel the same depression you all are talking about. I am obsessed, if I am not watching one of the movies, then I am reading the books, if I am not doing either of those then I am googling anything twilight related. I am crushing on Robert Pattinson something seriously, and I have not felt this way since my teenage yrs. I am 33 and married with 2 kids, and like you all I feel like I am missing out on life, all because of this book, its so hard to explain to my hubby because he just doesn't understand. He just says its just a book but it is so much more to me, I feel I know these characters and actually care about them, how crazy is that lol. But you all have made me realize I am not alone in this madness, and I am hoping that next year I can go to a twilight convention yeah I got it bad.

  115. I am 56 and just finished the Twilight series. I too find myself depressed and wishing for more! My daughter told me this would happen once I finished all the books but I didn't believe her. I felt I was too old and too experienced in life to get upset over four books....I was totally wrong! Human men do not seem to have the passion that these two monsters Edward & Jacob possess. In fact, men in general are pretty depressing compared to the monsters! It will be difficult for me to move forward now that I know this kind of LOVE could happen if only I were a vampire!

  116. I'm 15 i read the books in less than a week, i reading them again now :] Ever since i read them i feel like my life is pointless,lifeless and boring. My friends keep asking me whats wrong cause they keep have to repeat what they say to me; even then i dont really listen i'm to busy thinking/staring into spacce. I'm not even 16 and i feel old; i dont want to grow old. I feel like i'm insane i want vampire to be real, thats not a normal feelingg :S i want some one like edward cullen <3 not gonna happen ever :/ I feel like my life is not real, that i belong in the book, if anyone understands me; i dont even understand myself these days. i know i'm only a teenager and most people will think i'm crazy but still. I either seem to be talking to myself a lot recently i didnt use to. I wish i never read the books, if it makes me feel like this all the time. I use to laugh and talk all the time and now i have to force myself to smile. Sometimes i hear songs on the tv and it makes me want to cry i have no idea why :/ most days now i just sit there doing nothing, i hate it :/

  117. Hi guys, I posted a few post up and want to give encouragement, the feeling goes away, I am rereading them, but do not have that hopeless feeling anymore, its finally just an escape for me for a little while, I love the story, but I can take it for what it is, and that is a beautiful love story.

  118. I kno how u guys feel
    its to the point where I've consider suicide.
    I've thought that i would end up in my own twilight world.
    I just couldn't hurt everyone i know by doing that

  119. I also have this strange Twilight depression. I just saw Twilight and New Moon two days ago, and ever since then I have been questioning everything about my life. I am 33 with a loving and devoted husband and three beautiful daughters. I just started my own business a year ago, so I am doing what I want in life. I thought I was happy, but now I feel like something is missing. I know that the *Spark* goes out a bit after being married for awhile, as those butterflies only happen in anticipation of new experiences with a new love. I am now realizing that the love my husband and I share will never be anything like Edward and Bella's love. This is so sad. He doesn't say things like Edward does, or look like Edward, or protect me like Edward does Bella. He went to such extremes for her. The realization that things could be different, could be better-makes me feel sad. I also think that this has to do with the fact that none of us know for sure what happens after death. As a Christian, I want to believe that heaven exists. But, there is the possibility that it doesn't. We just go about the motions day to day here on earth (which is really boring). In that world, there is the possibility of living forever. A forever love like Edward and Bella's is what we all deeply desire, but can't have. This is real life, and our world is cruel and hard. Forever is not an option...This has really shaken me.

  120. I always re-read the series when I get sad so that it will take me out of my own life bu the fix is only temporary, like a drug, and then it wears off and I'm worse off than I started. I cry sometimes thinking of how much I want to be Bella or at least have a love like hers and be surrounded by a family like the Cullens. I should have never read the series. Their impossibly perfect life sickens me and makes me so depressed. Guys are such scum bags now these days. I always dreamed of having a marriage like that of my parents but Edward and Bella set the bar so high, how can anyone compare?

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  122. Hi guys. Just like everyone of you I too have been trapped in this fog of depression. I felt like there is no magic, no true love in this world that I live in. Everything that I had built up until now was worth nothing, my relationship was dull in comparasion to what I now knew. I even considered quitting my dream education because I felt like there was no meaning, at all. I felt like my life had no meaning if something extraordinary didn't happen to me, the way it did to Bella. And the pain of knowing that such a thing will never happen in our world, that our world is all about money, pollution, war and popularity. It makes me sick, still, but I'm finding my way out. I hated myself for starting reading these books, but at the same time I'm glad I did. I think I can live on with this.

    If you have this depression, and want to talk to someone who has experienced it (and still do in a way), maybe I can help you get over it. At least, it helps to talk to someone, so please don't hesitate to email me on

    Love Mary

  123. snickers said:
    hmmmmm well i feel very stupid at the moment, cuz all of u say"u need to get distance from the book or anything related to it" and when i finished the series i somehow "twilighted" my world like everything around me is now "twilight-ish". i play the piano and now all i play is the twilight soundtracks, i'm very good at drawing and all i draw is twilight posters i read the series twice and now i'm depressed i haven't talked to my friends for a while or gone out of the house, i even haven't showered for 4 days!(because i was busy re-reading) and i'm always thinking about my mum's angry with me my friend's r angry with me and i really stink. PLEASE give me some advice i tried to read other books but they all now seem silly and insegnificant.please anyone reply to my comment and don't go like"get a life" cuz i have one and i admit that i sound very pathetic so no need to mention that too :D(i'm 13 by the way)

  124. I read many comments, and i have to admit that many of you precisely described the feelings, that appear after seeing Twilight films or reading books.I mean the pointless life we live comparing to twilight and the feeling of emptiness. Just don't give into the depression .. I'm 16 and i have almost got over it (it took only few days).Of course i'm waiting for last part to come on screens (i haven't read the book yet as well). But it's not such an obsession anymore (hope i won't feel the same again after seeing/reading the last part lol).
    I guess i got over it because i found reasons of the obsession. The Twilight life comparing to our daily routine is so thrilling isn't it?Specially the mix of wampires that feel sentiment, passionate love between undead and a human girl, the perfection of their life as we see it,sacrificing in order to save your love (that's incredibly beautiful) and of course moving instrumental part in right moments make us want to live their life, first we feel sad and once we realize that it's unattainable we become depressed.
    Try to hang out with friends that couldn't accidentally insult you (depressed people are way more sensitive). And for gods sake don't keep thinking about twilight nor watch or read it more than once. You will get over it for sure.

    P.S. Hope you got the thought, English is my 3rd language though.

  125. I've read all the comments and I feel exactly the same - very sad and deeply depressed, feeling that there is no true love in the world...
    I'm 28, happily (or so I thought I were) married with no children. I have two bachelors degrees and are very close to getting my CPA designation. I've read tons of classical English, French and Russian literature, but I've never met a book yet that would had such an impact on the way I perceive live.
    First time while I was reading Twilight and New Moon last year, during my CPA exams, I've noticed that I couldn't concentrate on my studies, but just was sinking into depression, due to the books. I stopped reading and went ahead with the studies. I start reading the series again this year and depression hit really hard this time. Like every other person on that blog I now question my relationship with my husband (who truly is a great man, for a human (wow, that is sad and pathetic, can't believe I wrote it)... The worst thing... I know that even if I were single again, I would never meet man like Edward... Simply because he doesn't exist in this world... I don't care about vampires really, it's just this pureness, absolute perfection and unconditional, true love that is impossible to exist in our wold that is killing me...
    This books are like drugs, I want to read them again and agin just to get a glimpse of that perfection, to escape our corrupt and materialistic world, but I hate depression that follows afterwords...
    I've thought a lot about possibility of finding true love but the more I think about it, the more I'm sure it is impossible. Love and passion wears off, even for happily married couple, it becomes more of a settled love (like the love you feel for your parents), friendship and partnership, it's nowhere close to the love Edward and Bella have. And your husband will never be perfect like Edward Cullen is... Realization of the fact that there is no true soulmate for you in this world is just killing... I wish I would not have such a fragile inner self, it would be so much easier to be thick-skinned and not to have all these feelings...
    Oh, and yes, I felt that love once, that Bella had for Edward, when I was 18; the guy left me in a year. It took me 10 years to get really free of feelings for him... I would never want to be together with him again, but I will never forget the love that I felt... That brings me back again to the thought that there is no true love out there, no "forever" for two people... I feel like I'm just settling on something, something that is OK, but is not even close to what I would want to have...

  126. Wow. I hate to restate what others have said, but I'm 40, happily married to my true soul mate with two gorgeous children. I watched the movies first because of a stupid sitom that mentioned the series. I read Breaking Dawn after watching the 3rd movie and had to start all over because it was all too moving. I went back and read all four books in under one week. I couldn't put them down. I could literally read them over and over again. But while I was getting pulled into the story, I'm become more and more depressed, wondering why I'm crying for no apparent reason. my husband is trying to console me. I don't know what to think and I'm too embarrassed to mention it to anyone else. At my age, I feel I've already made the choices Bella is making and if I had to do them over again, I would make the same choices, but there is something very meloncholy in these books for me as I look at my life now. It doesn't help either that Robert Pattinson is so hot! :-)

    Anyway, it's nice to be able to share with others who feel the same.

  127. Thank Godness I am not the only one who feels that way... This Saga has changed my life so much, it depresses me the way it ends, but it also give me hope since Stephenie Meyer doesn't really talk about the future. Which leads me to believe she might write one more novel hopefully<3
    I have seem the movies & read the books again and again... But nothing seems to help.

  128. Wow im so glad i have found this, i thought i was going insane, feeling so depressed after watching the twilight films. I just feel so empty and sad and hate the thought that i will never have a love as strong and intense as bella & edwards. Then i think to myself get a grip this isnt real but its not sinking in :( I cant wait until november when breaking of the dawn is out at the cinema.

  129. I've actually only read the first book, Twilight, and that was about two years ago... i had seen the movie first, about a year before, and I fell in love with it, but immediately after, I was extremely depressed that whole weekend. The depression continued, and I just couldn't get Edward out of my head,until finally I came to terms with myself, and said "it's just a movie". But then a year later, I finally read Twilight, and the book was sooo addicting that I couldn't put it down. And again, I became so depressed by it! I don't know why. I just wished that I could be living in Forks and have an exciting romance with a dangerous vampire. I also felt like I could relate to Bella, but I think that was Stephanie Meyer's goal, to create a female lead that every girl could put themselves in her place.

    Seeing as how my family made fun of Twilight, I didn't want to tell any of them that I was now in love with it. So I stopped after reading the first book, and then I came across Midnight Sun, which was AMAZING!!! I actually think I may like it better than Twilight; I find Edward's point of view to be fascinating... and i became obsessed again, looking up at the trees when going for walks, wondering if Edward might possibly be watching me from the shadows(childish, I know, and I'm also probably starting to sound insane)

    Anyways, recently I saw the trailer for the movie Breaking Dawn, and I really wanted to finish the books. (I've already seen the movies, and I know what all happens thanks to my sister who read them all awhile back). I just read Midnight Sun again, and I figured I should start from the beginning, so I began to read Twilight again, and the depression is back! I seriously think I need help! It's just whenever I'm reading I get so absorbed into the book, and then coming back to reality is quite depressing.

    So I know I've kind of gone on rambling now, but like everyone else, I am so glad that I saw this!! None of my friends seem to get depressed by the books or movies, all though some of them were in love with it too, so this makes me feel better. However, I still think that the Twilight saga has slowly started to take away my sanity lol Let's just hope someday we'll all be able to find our Edward (or Bella lol).

  130. I am about to say something, and I am not saying this from a great height or trying to be holier-than-thou. I have been depressed…seriously depressed. I have tried “escaping” from my depression through fantasy books. It wasn’t Twilight, but it still created those feelings of escape and excitement for me. I know that doesn’t last, though. I can say that it does help to get away from that addiction by distancing yourself from it. Read other books and purposefully distance yourself.

    What I want to say though is I don't think I can be silent after seeing all these stories...they're all saying basically the same thing...

    A lot of you feel there is no real true love or "magic" in the world.

    If you're willing to read these books, which are fiction, and put yourselves through this very large and sometimes dangerous emotional ride, all I ask is that you give God a chance.

    What is better, to have a fantasy 'relationship' with a vampire, or to have a real, loving relationship with the God of the universe?

    A lot of fans feel that Edward is “perfect.” Obviously we know he’s fictional and none of us are perfect. But God IS perfect and his standard for us is perfection. He is accessible to us, through His Son who took OUR punishment, because He is perfect and we are not. He is the only one that is perfect. And it's real, not fiction.

    In Twilight, Edward doesn't want to hurt Bella even though he struggles with the urge to kill her and eat her blood. But Jesus died on a cross. He DIED. For us. Because the punishment for not living up to God’s standard is death. Then He rose again to prove He was God. That’s true love, true sacrifice.

    You can think that's fiction if you want, but all I’m saying is give Him a chance if you don’t know Him already. Search it out, research the claims...please. God says that if we truly seek him with our whole heart, we will find Him.

    Turn around, change your mind, give your life to Him and see if He doesn’t bring you true joy, peace and meaning in your life. Just give Him a chance. If you have a Bible read the gospel of John first.

    That's all I ask.

    Thank you for reading this and for being real with each other.

  131. well 2 years later and you stiil have a new comment!
    i commented 2 years ago when I saw the first movie before I read the books and the summer that i read the first book, the fall that i read the rest and saw new moon drove me ABSOLUTELY changed my life...and I thought that after reading breaking dawn i gave myself an intervention to ignore all twilight things so i could become okay with it..and i thought i was over it.. here i am 2 years later and its back.i'm back from seeing twlight:breaking dawn part 1... and i am in complete tears because it wa so first i thought i would be okay with it, because the movies are usually bad..but this one was so.. beautiful..and it restarts my obssesion with finding a soulmate...and fantasy... in my mind i move in between the world of fantasy and reality..and focusing one or the other for too long drives me mad..into a state of depression.. i wish that in my mind i could be okay with whats around me.. but i'm not im loosing it. but i can't tell anyone because no one understands and i can't afford medical help.i wish that i was bella swan and that was my life...that book is so addicting,obsessive and know why? because there is no real serious consequences for your actions really... you get to be picked by this beautiful immortal man who loves you unconditionally, with a rich family and your real family who loves you, wolves who fight for you and you get the gift of youth,beauty,perfection and immortality for all time. how is that not perfect? with other supernatural romance or stories you usually have your whole family killed off, or you can't walk in the sunlight or spend your whole life looking for that the cure to escape "your curse", or your bound to tormented state or have some arch enemy of evil (harry potter) who kills your family and friends...this is where my obsession with not growing older comes in at.. i like the age i am i want to stay it.. but since you can't die and come back i dont want to die.. unless there is another world...that is as if not more beautiful than what i just saw an hour ago. the real world is fucked up place..a worthless ..doomed place.. and sometimes it becomes all too much to take...i have to pull it togetehr before anyone sees how much this is destroying me...any fantasy is beautiful than this world..even dark much as i love the books i honestly wish it never got published or i had chose a less damaging franchise like to follow. this one screwed me..i wish stephenie meyer hadn't had that dream.god how pathetic am i? its not even edward cullen part that gets me..its the whole premise of having a perfect world that gets me.this amazing world that so perfect, so intoxicating that its not fair it doesn't exist at all. family,youth,love,immorality,beauty,perfection,power,money..everything we all have been searching for since the beginning of history.

  132. Thankyou guys, after reading through all your comments you've really helped- nice to know there's loads of fellow crazy married 30somethings out there who are all pining after something outside of the ordinary, just watched BD part 1 last night, knowing that I'd feel really down after watching it, now going to make a conscience effort to distance myself and stop dwelling on twilight as it's just not healthy for a novel/film to have such an impact on so many people's lives. I believe that the books and movies release, spaced so far apart is what makes it worse, always waiting months up to a year for the next 'fix'. I've had enough of feeling gloomy, off to do something non twilighty and something a bit more constructive. Good luck and positive thoughts for you all x

  133. this is so crazy. like we all have this in common. im 14 and i feel depressed. like i cant move on with my life.i want the love that bella and edward share sooo bad. i look at some of the guys at my school and they dont come close to someone like edward. i tell my friends that i want to be a vampire and be like bella. they dont get it. how i feel. i feel crazy.. thats for sure. but im glad to know im not alone. i watched all 3 of the movies each weekend for like the past 2 months. im ordering a edward cullen cut out that is too expensive but i cant resist. i feel like waking up and seeing him there will make me feel better. gee do i feel stupid but it feels good to get out the truth. i listen to alllll the music from the movies all the time. infact im listening to one right now... spot light. by mutemath. im addicted. help. my heart is heavy.

  134. You know,
    this is all so interesting. We all post our feelings of "how glad we are that we are not alone," however, what we fail to understand is the meaning of this blog.
    We don't want Twilight to be out of our lives,
    but we don't want to live in false fantasies which are ruining some of your relationships(from what I've read, there were many). I'll admit it now, I haven't read the books, but I have watched the movies and got that same feeling of "detachment from reality." At first, it reminded me of what I felt when the Harry Potter series came out and how sad I was that I couldn't possibly go to Hogwarts. The HP series, though, didn't have that passionate life where the vampires, plus appealing werewolves can sweep a regular human(girl; a.k.a: Bella) even if she had some boring messed up life.
    They show us a world of caring and compassion, while bringing the excitement of adrenaline and blood.
    Okay, so what I'm saying is that all of it seems perfectly awesome. Yeah, even if they suffer, but we're not looking properly.
    What I mean is simply that all the things done are in fact real. No, not the blood sucking immortals, but the idea of that. Yes, even the idea of empowerment.
    So here is my theory:
    Bella is in fact the girl or boy I suppose), who gets attention for her looks at school, but then, doesn't see how she can connect to them the same way as they do to her. As sad as this could sound, you can compare that at times wit family. They adore you and wish for the best, but you just don't feel like you belong.
    Then she meets Edward, oh yeah, he's the big shot. THE ONE, at least she thinks. He watches her at night, or emails her, looks at his high school pictures before he sleeps. He shows her his world, just like that guy would show you how he lives his life and open up a new world, yes, just for you. Trust me, he's human, but it's NOT your world until he shares it with you.
    There's Jacob too you know, that guy that makes you unsure, even if he's the one that may not like you, he's the one that confuses you love with "Edward."
    I know it all sounds crazy, but that how you know you can live your own Series. Maybe not the one you see in movies, but the one you can see through eyes and flesh. Through light of day, through dark of night, and even through the heart you possess.
    Let me know if this helped you or if it was just plainly insane. I'd appreciate to know that for me too, there's a world for me to discover with my werewolf <3 and vampire <3.

  135. It's the middle of 2012 and you're still getting comments!!!! I just can't wait for BD II...I'm also depressed...thinking constantly about the Twilight saga and the characters; especially Bella and Edward and how much they love each other (read all the books, watched all the films, keep watching clips on Youtube daily, listen to the songs!!)Can't wait to get another fix in November!!! Can't wait...I find myself listening to Bella's lullaby written by Carter Burwell all the time...I detach from reality instantly and wish I was Bella and led the exciting life she lives and had the things she has...I mean they don't have to work, the Cullens are surrounded by all the lavish extravagances of the world and are so perfectly powerful and boy do they spoil her!!! Arrrghhhhh! This has really messed up my head!!!! Damn- and I'm 30!!! Married with 1 toddler and a reputable career. Man I need a life!! lol :D From what I've gathered after reading some of the posts, I'm not the only one and that's kind of reassuring :) Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts and for making me feel somewhat better!

  136. I never understood what all the long lines for twilight were. I just couldn't get into it.. & all this started in 2008. Here it is... 2012 & Finally one night ABC had a special and nothing else was on. I sat down--& decided to give it a go. I couldn't even tear my eyes away from the screen. After watching it.. I went and bought the rest of the movies and watched them all in one day might I add. After watching them, its like I cant get it off of my mind. Granted, you all went through this & are probably on to bigger & better things now. Thank you all for posting here, because it has really been helpful to myself, just knowing that I am not the only one who has had those feelings of depression, feeling like there is so much more & I haven't even touched on it at all yet. Surely, I was born for more than this.. surely--I wasn't mean to be born in a small town, & die in that small town? I have NEVER had anything touch me in the way this has.. Its insane..